Academic Advisers

Academic Advisers

All students at Sheffield Hallam are allocated a named Academic Adviser. They are a personal named contact and first point of reference for questions about your studies.

Academic advising is delivered differently in different courses, but the role of your Academic Adviser is the same. They are there to support your:

  • academic progression;
  • personal development; and
  • professional development.

Your Academic Adviser will contact you early in the academic year to see how you are settling in, work with you during your studies to review your progress and encourage you to develop skills for employability. They will listen to issues affecting your studies and signpost you to relevant specialist support if needed.

You will be told who your Academic Adviser is by a member of your teaching team and will find their contact details on the ‘Key Support Advisers’ section of Blackboard. Find out who your named Advisers are.

Please note: it will take a few weeks to populate this information at the start of your studies. If you do not know who your Academic Adviser is contact your Course Leader as they will be able to give you their details.

Below you will find an animation with students talking about how their Academic Adviser helped them. Engaging with your Academic Adviser is key to supporting your development and getting the most out of your time at Hallam so make it priority to find out who they are and meet with them.

Next Steps

The next steps tool has been re-developed for this academic year and is now based on a Diamond 9. It is a useful resource for you to use towards the end of an academic year by offering you the ability to reflect on your development over the academic year and prioritise areas for further development to support transition into your next level of study or work.

The document you get when you have completed the Next Steps Wheel is also a really useful starting point for conversations with your Academic Adviser.

Watch the ‘how to’ video below and use this link to access the tool.

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