Can I connect my own device to a SHU PC

Can I connect my own device to a SHU PC

You can connect your own devices, eg USB sticks and cameras, to SHU PCS, as long as they do not require further software installing. The IT regulations prohibit the installation of unauthorised software for security purposes. Specifically, you cannot:

  • attach a device which needs a driver installing
  • attach a device to a rear-facing USB port
  • run any software other than authorised Managed Desktop software.
  • attach a device that needs power from a source other than its USB connection; SHU-supplied devices, eg loaned video-cameras, are acceptable.

Remember to remove your USB

An alert appears if you log out without removing any additional devices or media. If your device is not removed after this alert, a small text file containing your student username and the location you were working is written to the USB stick, CD, memory card or hard drive, provided it's not encrypted or write-protected. This means that when the device is handed in at lost property, we can email you to say that we have found it and tell you where to collect it from. At no point do we look at your files or even open your USB stick; it’s all done automatically and in line with the SHU Data Protection Policy, meaning any private documents are kept private.

Finally - remember to back up your usb devices! Find out more about where you can save your work.