Laptop Loans

Laptop Loans

The University provides many different types of laptop for use both on and off campus. Please read the following guidance before borrowing:

  • You need a valid SHUcard to borrow a laptop, and you can only borrow one at a time.
  • Please return laptops to the same set of lockers you found them.
  • Overdue laptops incur fines.
  • Do not save work onto the laptops - they are wiped regularly. Save your work to a removeable storage device in case the laptop runs out of battery or is turned off.
  • Do not leave the laptop unattended or lend it to anyone.
  • After returning a laptop, it will be unavailable for 30 minutes in order to recharge.
  • If you lose a laptop you are responsible for the full replacement cost of £600, and/or for any repairs required
  • The laptops are marked to deter theft and to assist identification and recovery, and usage is logged.
  • You must abide by the University Regulations for the use of IT facilities and learning resources.

If you have any trouble with the loans process, or notice any damage to laptops, please contact IT Help immediately.

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