Where is the best place to save my work?

Where is the best place to save my work?

Please Note: Do not save any documents or data to the desktop of a SHU PC or laptop as you will automatically lose these files when you log out.

To comply with the Data Protection policy, if you store University personal data other than you own (eg, survey responses) on a USB storage device or other removable storage such as CDs or DVDs then it must be encrypted.

HomeDrive F drive

The safest location to save your files is your HomeDrive (F:). This is your personal network space. This space is limited to 100mb so is not suitable for storing large files. 

In your HomeDrive is a folder called "My Documents" which is where you store your work; you can create sub-folders in here to keep your files organised.

You can view your HomeDrive (F:) by clicking on Computer on the Desktop. This will open an explorer window displaying your HomeDrive (F) and also any other USB device you have plugged in. Double click any drive to open.

Your HomeDrive can also be accessed from your own device (PDF, 596.3KB), even off-campus.

USB usb

You can connect your own devices (MP3 players, USB sticks, cameras) to SHU PCS, as long as they do not require further software installing.

USB sticks can be lost or become corrupt. IT Help cannot recover data from corrupt USB sticks.

We use malware detectors on our PCs so if you connect an external device it will automatically be scanned and any infected files could be removed. Always have a back-up somewhere else – you may want to use one of the options on this page.

Remember to remove it when you log out!

Office 365 - One Drive one drive

All students receive a total of 1tb of cloud storage on OneDrive. Access your storage here: https://go.shu.ac.uk/office365

Log in with userid@hallam.shu.ac.uk and normal password.

Google Drive google

Important: The Google drive quota for students is now limited. More info on the changes to Google drive quotas can be found here:https://www.shu.ac.uk/myhallam/it-and-library/google-workspace/

Access your Google Drive here: https://drive.my.shu.ac.uk/