Online learning when on campus

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Online learning when on campus

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Online learning spaces

There may be times you need to attend an online lecture or class when you are on campus.

You may be:

  • attending a face-to-face lesson just before or after your online session
  • studying on campus or meeting an adviser
  • unable to get home in time for your online lesson
  • enjoying the campus experience with your friends

If this is the case, we encourage you to make the most of our spaces on campus which are suitable for online learning. 

Choose and book a space

Choose your space for online learning from the options below. Keep an eye out for signage when you’re on campus.

Before booking your space, consider which one will be best for you.

  • How close and convenient is it?
  • How practical will it be for your session?
  • Do you need to access a PC?

Plan ahead by reviewing your student timetable. Remember, many of our learning spaces need to be booked in advance.

Libraries and learning centres

Individual and group spaces for quiet, collaborative learning. We offer both walk-up spaces for listening sessions and bookable rooms for listening and speaking.

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Students learning at Adsetts

Teaching rooms and lecture theatres

Active learning spaces available when not in use by tutors. Lecture theatres are ideal for listening, but teaching rooms are better if you need to listen and speak.

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Students in lecture halls

PC labs

Rooms with computers and workstations available to students. As other people will be using our PC labs, these rooms aren’t suitable for speaking sessions.

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Online learning dedicated spaces

Dedicated online learning spaces

Dedicated spaces for individual and collaborative work are available in Eric Mensforth Building. These rooms are ideal for listening and speaking.

Look for code 'EMB' on available rooms

Students studying in an open space on campus

Open spaces

Less formal settings for casual lessons. These are suitable for listening and speaking as long as you can find a quiet corner.

No booking required

Online learning PC labs

City Campus

  • Cantor Building – ground floor Atrium
  • Charles Street – informal learning areas on each floor
  • Arundel Building – ground floor
  • Stoddart Building – ground floor

Collegiate Campus

  • Heart of the Campus – ground floor
  • Collegiate Hall – ground floor
  • Saunders - ground floor


Online learning spaces with food and drink to hand. Our cafes are great for listening but aren’t always suitable for speaking, particularly during peak hours between 11am and 2pm.

No booking required

Students at the Heart of the Campus

City Campus

  • Hallam Central (Owen Building)
  • Charles Street
  • Hertha Ayrton Atrium
  • Adsetts Library
  • Head Post Office
  • Aspect Court
  • Cantor Building

Collegiate Campus

  • Robert Winston
  • Collegiate Library
  • Heart of the Campus

Equipment for online learning

PCs and devices

To access online lessons you’ll need a computer, tablet or smartphone. We encourage you to bring your own and make the most of our free wifi.

But if you don’t have one with you, you can:


Wear headphones if you’re attending online learning sessions from campus or a public place where other people are nearby.

Choose headphones with a microphone, so you can talk to your tutor and coursemates. And ensure your headphones are compatible with your device, by having the correct connector or adaptor.

Hallam PCs require a USB connector. Bluetooth connection is not available.


Depending on your lesson, you may need to have some additional software installed on your device. Hallam PCs come with the appropriate software for logging onto your session.

View the software you need to install.

How to behave

Learning online is a different experience from face-to-face lectures. There are many advantages, but it can take a while to get used to. We ask you to:

  • find an appropriate space and be considerate to those around you
  • use your headphones and a microphone when others are around
  • stay on mute when you’re not speaking to reduce noise
  • try not to interrupt tutors and coursemates who are also in the session
  • cancel your booking if you have pre-booked a space or PC and no longer need it

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