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Assessment support 21/22

Assessment support 21/22

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Assessment support for the 21/22 Academic Year

The University continues to support fair assessment outcomes through a comprehensive package of support for students. These have been developed alongside our approach to teaching and learning:

Assessments have been designed with our approach of online and on-campus teaching in mind with most exams online.

  • Where assessment extensions are requested, students may be given a 5 day extension, there is no need to provide any evidence of your circumstances, but you will need to show some work in progress.

  • Where a student is experiencing circumstances which means they need longer, they can submit a request to repeat an assessment attempt (RRAA), in this case students will also need to provide evidence of their circumstances.

  • If a RRAA is accepted students will be able to repeat their assessment if they do not pass, or do not submit it

  • If you are a Level 6 or a Level 7 student and your RRAA is accepted for your first attempt at an assessment task, but you pass the assessment you can request to retake the assessment and attempt to improve your final award.

  • Department Assessment Boards review assessment outcomes and if there is evidence of underperformance across a particular module they can adjust marks.

  • These measures are on top of all our existing support. This includes a dedicated academic adviser and student support adviser for every student.

  • Support is also enhanced for students with a Learning Contract, with caring responsibilities or elite athletes.

Detailed information, guidance and support regarding assessment can be found below and under Assessment Support . You can find your confirmed results release date via My Student Record - at the top of the My Results tab.

Student Examination Guidance

Examinations will be set online, using Blackboard, unless there are Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRBs) requirements that require an adjustment to this (if this is the case your teaching team will have made you aware).

Please see our student examination guidance for information on exam scheduling, library support and academic integrity. You can also find a list of frequently asked questions to help prepare you for the exam.

Extenuating circumstances, including Covid-19


You can request a 5 working day extension to your submission deadline if something unexpected happens and you need some extra time. You should submit your extension request at least 24 hours before the submission deadline. You do not need to provide additional evidence of your circumstances.

Request to repeat an assessment attempt (RRAA)

If you are experiencing difficulties which are having a significant impact on your ability to complete your assessments including Covid-19, you can submit a request to repeat an assessment attempt (RRAA). If your RRAA is accepted you will be able to repeat your assessment if you fail it or do not submit. If you are a Level 6 or a Level 7 student and your RRAA is accepted for your first attempt at an assessment task, but you pass the assessment you can request to retake the assessment and attempt to improve your mark.

You can find the RRAA on ‘My Student Record’. This is a request to undertake your assessment later during the reassessment period (usually in July for standard courses). Before you submit, we suggest you speak to your Student Support Adviser and watch the guidance video.

You must submit your RRAA no later than 5 working days after your assessment submission deadline or date of exam. Your RRAA must include evidence of the circumstances reported. If those circumstances relate to Covid-19, one of the following will be acceptable:

  1. An email/SMS from your test provider showing your name/date of birth and confirmation of a positive test.
  2. A doctor’s note/Fit note covering the dates of the assessments reported on the RRAA.
  3. Evidence from the NHS app showing that you tested positive and/or sought medical support around the date of the assessment reported on the RRAA. Screenshots must show your name/date of birth so we know it is you.
  4. A photo of your Lateral Flow Test (LFT) with the date written on the plastic test in ink, with your SHUCard in the frame so we know it is you.

If you are struggling to obtain evidence please speak to a duty student support adviser before submitting your RRAA.

If you have submitted your RRAA after 5 working days, you must provide information and evidence to explain why it was submitted late. You cannot submit a RRAA after your marks have been considered by an Assessment Board and your final results published on My Student Record.

Retaking exams and assessments

If you are undertaking standard reassessment for the current academic year (and have not had a RRAA accepted) then your reassessment attempt will be capped at the minimum pass mark.

Supporting individual circumstances

If you have a disability, there is a range of disability and inclusivity support available to help you complete your assessments, this includes enhanced assessment support for students with learning contracts.

If you are a student with caring responsibilities please see our new policy for Assessment Support for Students Carers . This applies to all student carers who are registered as a student carer with the University Inclusive Support Team .

If you cannot get online from home, access specialist software, or other learning resources please contact Hallam Help.

Further information on assessment support for those with individual circumstances .

Module information and assessment support

Please visit your module Blackboard sites for specific assessment information relevant to your module. Also, watch out for regular updates from your course team.

Our Adsetts and Collegiate library buildings are open all day, every day: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using MyPC .

Study spaces are available to book for individual quiet study using the resource booker.

Our Academic Skills Support offers support for you to complete your assessment, including 121 appointments and webinars.

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