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20 February 2024 | 4 minutes (base on 200w = 1 minute)

My first impressions of Sheffield can be summed up in one word: optimism

It’s a great time to start a new job in Sheffield. I write at the start of my second month as Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University.

20 February 2024

Hallam shortlisted for regional apprenticeship honour

Sheffield Hallam University has been shortlisted for the Educate North 2024 Apprenticeship Award.

19 February 2024

Sheffield Hallam part of project to look at how AI could reshape the museum and heritage sector

Sheffield Hallam University academics are part of a project to investigate the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the museum and heritage sector.

16 February 2024

Hallam staff and students plant thousands of moss plugs to help save Peak District moorland

Sheffield Hallam staff and students have teamed up for a Nature Recovery Day, planting sphagnum moss to store carbon, help reduce flooding and provide habitat for wildlife.

15 February 2024

New model to embed arts and creativity in health services

A new £2.1m research project aims to develop an innovative model to make arts, culture and creativity a core part of health and care services across the UK.

13 February 2024 | 3 minutes (base on 200w = 1 minute)

Investing in leadership skills is vital for business resilience

As we head into 2024, small businesses across our region, and the country, are facing myriad challenges. Rising costs, recruitment and retention issues, the climate emergency, pressure to achieve net zero and geopolitical uncertainty to name a few.

13 February 2024

Sheffield Hallam students offer translation services to international athletes

Sheffield Hallam University students have provided translation services to international athletes competing in the Powerlifting Championships that were held in the city this week.

13 February 2024

Yorkshire project to empower communities awarded £5m funding

A project to give more power to low-income, marginalised and isolated communities across Yorkshire to confront the challenges posed by climate change and widening inequalities has been awarded £5m in funding.

09 February 2024

Sheffield Hallam enters ‘700 club’ by passing apprenticeship milestone

Sheffield Hallam University is celebrating its 700th partnership with local and national employers to provide apprenticeships to learners. The announcement comes during National Apprenticeship Week.

06 February 2024

New €7m research project for robotic-led rehabilitation of stroke survivors

Researchers at Sheffield Hallam University, alongside partners across Europe, have been awarded €7.3 million to lead a project to develop a new intuitive robot that uses technology inspired by the human brain to improve social interaction and rehabilitation of stroke survivors.

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