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22 October 2020

Hallam students collaborate across time zones to produce innovative audio theatre piece about life under lockdown

Students at Sheffield Hallam and La Trobe University in Australia have worked together to produce an audio theatre piece, to be showcased at Off the Shelf Festival and the Melbourne Fringe.

22 October 2020 | 4 minutes

Why the North should copy New Zealand and set a wellbeing budget

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK Government – like most other governments across the globe – were obsessed by economic growth as the key measure of success. Growth brings prosperity, we were told; prosperity brings jobs and this is good. But what’s the point of all this prosperity if we’re just going to spend it all on healthcare? Wealth does not always equal health.

21 October 2020

Lost Dylan Thomas notebook published

Lost Dylan Thomas notebook brought to life

20 October 2020 | 4 minutes

Radiotherapy tattoos can be a painful reminder of cancer – but 3D imaging could be the solution

Every day in the UK over 150 women will be given the devastating news that they have breast cancer. This is the start of a long journey of treatments most likely followed by radiotherapy to the breast or chest wall. What many people might not realise though is that radiographers often use small permanent black ink tattoos in order to position a patient underneath the radiotherapy machine. But new technology, called surface guided radiotherapy (SGRT), uses three dimensional imaging to help radiographers position patients, avoiding the need for tattoos.

20 October 2020

Hallam launches unique materials science technologist degree apprenticeship

Sheffield Hallam University has launched a new materials science technologist degree apprenticeship – the first of its kind in the UK.

19 October 2020

Sheffield Hallam completes first phase of its £900k Wellbeing Accelerator

A tech start-up specialising in online mental health therapy, an activity app which provides buddy support for novice exercisers and a Yorkshire-based SME creating power-assisted equipment to help older adults feel comfortable exercising, are amongst the first cohort of businesses to have been accepted on to Sheffield Hallam University’s £900,000 Wellbeing Accelerator programme.

16 October 2020

GB Boxing’s Hannah Robinson to combine Olympic dream with master’s degree at Hallam

GB Boxing’s Hannah Robinson is to combine her Olympic dreams with university after securing a place to study for a master’s degree in nutrition for sport and exercise at Sheffield Hallam.

15 October 2020

Hallam students spend 41,000 hours helping the community through volunteering

From lifting the spirits of people in isolation to raising money for the vulnerable and frontline workers, students at Sheffield Hallam have spent more than 41,000 hours giving back to the community.

12 October 2020

Hallam named as best university for degree apprenticeship training

Sheffield Hallam has been named the best university for degree apprenticeship training at a national awards ceremony.

09 October 2020

Royal award for Hallam sports engineering expert who helped Team GB secure scores of Olympic medals

An internationally renowned Sheffield Hallam University sports engineer who helped Team GB secure dozens of Olympic medals and encouraged mass participation in sport and exercise has been awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE).

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