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25 February 2021

Sheffield Hallam graduate aiming to change the lives of young footballers in Northern Ireland

A Sheffield Hallam graduate is aiming to change the lives of young people by challenging the Northern Ireland Department of Health’s ban on children playing sport outdoors during the pandemic.

24 February 2021

Class of 2021 offer gives students head start on life after university

Helping students to thrive once they leave university is the aim of a new package of support announced by Sheffield Hallam University.

22 February 2021

Inspiring female sailor to deliver virtual lecture

The only woman to sail solo, non-stop, around the world in both directions, will be delivering an inspiring online guest lecture at Sheffield Hallam University next week.

18 February 2021

Eco-fusion is the new normal, as native and non-native species mix together

Many invasive species cause (often major) problems around the world. However, the idea that all “alien” species are inherently bad, and that invasions can be always effectively controlled, is mistaken. Invasive non-native species are frequently associated with damage to ecological systems and even to people and economies. Yet ecological novelty is now the order of the day, we we must adapt both our ideas and our actions to this new reality.

18 February 2021

Health psychology professor recognised with prestigious Academy of Social Sciences fellowship

Madelynne Arden, a behavioural science professor, whose research has supported the response to Covid-19, has been conferred as a fellow of the prestigious Academy of Social Sciences.

18 February 2021

Small charities ‘showed up and stuck around’ to support people through the pandemic

Small charities ‘showed up and stuck around’ to support people throughout the pandemic

17 February 2021 | Long-read

Covid and community - charities and voluntary groups have 'shown up' and 'stuck around'

What the pandemic has taught us about community – how small local charities and voluntary organisations have ‘shown up’ and ‘stuck around’

17 February 2021

Re-accreditation marks out Sheffield Business School as global benchmark for teaching and learning

Four degree programmes led by Sheffield Business School have been re-accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) – a globally recognised benchmark for the quality of teaching and learning.

15 February 2021

Educating more students from under-represented backgrounds than any other UK university

New data shows that Hallam educates more students from under-represented backgrounds than any other UK university.

12 February 2021

Why now is the time to build for the future with degree apprenticeships

If we are to thrive in the new world, we must focus on addressing the skills gaps that still exist within our economy. The Department of Education white paper ‘Skills for Jobs: Lifelong Learning for Opportunity and Growth’ presents a blueprint for how we can change this – and degree apprenticeships have a key role to play within that.

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