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27 January 2023 | 3 minutes (base on 200w = 1 minute)

Degree apprenticeships can’t be allowed to become elitist

A new report published recently by the social mobility charity the Sutton Trust, has claimed that higher-level apprenticeships are being snapped up by the middle classes and have become as sought after as a traditional university degree.

28 September 2022 | 4 minutes (base on 200w = 1 minute)

Civic, Accelerated

Universities have never been under more pressure to demonstrate their worth. Not only to their students and funders, but also to their communities in the cities and towns where they are located.

06 September 2022 | 4 minutes (base on 200w = 1 minute)

Nursing students deliver community health projects

Here, we describe three community projects that our nursing students have delivered over the last 12 months, helping to support local people lead healthier lives, whilst building their skills for their future careers in nursing.

27 July 2022 | 4 minutes (base on 200w = 1 minute)

A year of the civic university

This week marks the first anniversary of the launch of Sheffield Hallam's Civic University Agreement.

25 April 2022 | 10 minutes

The civic blog: our story so far

Launching our civic blog with a brief look at what we have been working towards over the last 12 months.

15 February 2022 | 4 minutes (base on 200w = 1 minute)

How degree apprenticeships are already helping us to level up our region

Transforming the UK by ‘spreading opportunity and prosperity to all parts of it’ was the central commitment of the government’s long awaited white paper on levelling up, which was finally published last week.

12 January 2022 | 4 minutes

The UK’s leading entrepreneurial university is in Sheffield – what does this mean for the city and region?

The UK’s leading entrepreneurial university is in Sheffield – what does this mean for the city and region?

04 November 2021

Being an entrepreneurial university is part of Sheffield Hallam's DNA

With origins in the design, manufacturing and fabrication industries of Victorian Sheffield, through to the pioneering innovations of Sheffield City Polytechnic, Hallam is firmly rooted in the making and creating heritage of South Yorkshire.

04 August 2021 | 4 minutes

How to make teaching more women-friendly, post-COVID

For women, teaching is often seen as a welcoming profession, but around one in nine female primary teachers leave the profession each year. Here are some ways in which teaching could be made more women-friendly.

02 July 2021

Open to all? Using our physical and digital spaces to better engage local communities

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Richard Calvert, explores what role universities’ physical spaces should play in civic engagement and how digital technologies can support this.

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