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01 August 2023 | 5 minutes

Mediterranean wildfires - we must seize the opportunities to change our urban and rural environments

The current wildfires in the Mediterranean region are far more expansive than usual. Logically, they are a consequence of climate change – prolonged drier periods, increased air temperatures and the resultant stronger, warmer, drier winds.

22 April 2021

Electric cars could make the roads safer – here’s how

Traffic-related fatalities are the eighth leading cause of death for people of all ages. Both because of the way they are driven and the mechanics inside them, electric vehicles could play an important role in making our roads safer.

09 February 2021 | 4 minutes

Understanding the principles of planetary health

Ella Kissi-Debrah died in London in February 2013, aged only nine years old, having been unwell with respiratory disease requiring multiple hospital admissions for several years.

02 February 2021

Peat bogs: restoring them could slow climate change – and revive a forgotten world

Peatlands were once widespread throughout the UK but their place in history has now largely been forgotten. Most of the debate around using natural habitats to draw down carbon from the atmosphere concerns planting trees and reforestation, some ecologists argue that a far better solution lies in restoring the peatlands that people have spent centuries draining and destroying.

01 October 2020 | 4 minutes

Why political decision-making is failing our urban green spaces

Green spaces in city neighbourhoods are critical for wellbeing. Policymakers know this, which is why they put local authorities under pressure to keep parks and green spaces open during lockdown. However, there is a large gap between what this research shows should be done to maximise the benefits of urban green space, and what is actually put in place in cities.