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Read about our submission for the Research Excellence Framework 2021 and the 14 strategic priority units of assessment chosen.

Research projects

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21 January 2022

Giving cystic fibrosis patients the tools to stay well

People with cystic fibrosis can struggle to manage complex treatments alongside everyday life. Our researcher is helping them find balance.

17 November 2021

How we’re giving cancer survivors a better quality of life

Our research about how exercise and lifestyle changes can help cancer survivors has changed international guidelines on treating cancer — and improved countless lives.

03 November 2021

How our pioneering new healthcare model is helping people stay active

A new model for referring patients with long-term health conditions developed as part of the London 2012 Olympic Legacy is providing answers to one of the biggest health challenges across the world — how to get us all to move more.

03 February 2021

Helping breast cancer patients make life-changing decisions

Mortality rates are higher for breast cancer patients over 70. We developed a unique tool to help them get the best possible treatment.

18 May 2020

Depression memes may be a coping mechanism for people with mental illness

Up to 27% of people in the UK experience depression. Our research shows that online memes can help them cope with their symptoms.

12 March 2020

Robotics for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are being supported during clinical appointments by robots, developed in a partnership between the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC), Sheffield Children's Hospital and the Children's Hospital Charity.

08 March 2019

How thermal imaging could help improve post-caesarean care

A new technique could give clinicians a fast, reliable way of spotting wound infections — and could even help rationalise the use of antibiotics

08 March 2019

Finding new insights into progressive MS

Sheffield Hallam-led research could help identify much-needed new treatments for progressive stages of multiple sclerosis

13 February 2019

Working with parkrun on pioneering research

The Advanced Wellbeing Centre (AWRC) is working with parkrun, the revolutionary global physical activity movement, to conduct pioneering research into how it improves health and wellbeing.

27 April 2018

How can virtual reality make you feel less pain?

Our researchers have created a VR game which is helping burns victims cope with painful medical procedures

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Read about our submission for the Research Excellence Framework 2021 and the 14 strategic priority units of assessment chosen.