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Artists' Publications

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Artists' Publications

Chloë Brown has long been involved in the field of artists’ publications and is particularly interested in the impact that Sol LeWitt has had on the field. She was a member of the Research Group for Artists Publications (RGAP) from 1995 to 2013 supporting the publication of artists book works and editions, disseminating these works, and pursuing debates relating to this area of practice through publications, symposia, conferences, workshops, and the annual Small Publishers Fair run by RGAP in Conway Hall, London each Autumn.

Sol LeWitt Artists’ Books

With Martin Rogers (director of The Research Group for Artists Publications – RGAP) Brown curated the exhibition ‘Sol LeWitt Artists’ Book’s at Site Gallery, Sheffield (2010). This provided a complete overview of LeWitt’s work in this form from 1967 to 2002. A LeWitt wall drawing executed in the space and arranged between the curators and the artist’s estate complemented this.


In tandem with the visual works, a sequence of contemporary music performances took place in the gallery. These were brought together by the pianist Philip Thomas, a specialist in performing new and experimental music including both notated and improvised music. Composers whose works were performed included Manfred Werder, Tom Johnson, John Lely, Michael Parsons, Michael Pisaro, James Saunders, Gerhard Staebler, Alvin Lucier, Tim Parkinson, and Elisabeth S. Clark, plus works especially composed and performed for the exhibition by the Edges Ensemble.

Artists Publications and the Legacy of Sol LeWitt

Alongside the exhibition, Brown organised and chaired a one-day conference, Artists Publications and the Legacy of Sol LeWitt, at Sheffield Hallam University (8/5/10), in collaboration with RGAP and Site Gallery. The conference explored the relevance and position of artists’ publications in contemporary art practice - focusing particularly on the bookworks of Sol LeWitt, and considering his legacy in terms of artist-publishing now.

Keynote speakers and contributors: Professor Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, Simon Cutts, Clive Phillpot, David Bellingham, Elisabeth S Clark, and Philip Thomas.

Artists Publications

Transmission Hospitality, chapbooks:
Chloë Brown and Snæbjörnsdóttir & Wilson, 2009, London, Artwords Press, ISBN 978-1-906441-18-0.
Chloë Brown and Lindsay Seers, 2010, London, Artwords Press, ISBN 978-1-906441-23-4

Coming Ready or Not

Coming Ready or Not January 2000 edition 300 ISBN 0 9530896 2 2
Published by Chloë Brown in association with RGAP. A series of drawings describe a narrative. To accompany the site-specific sound piece by Brown sited on the Chiltern Sculpture Trail, Oxfordshire.


Book Crybaby April 1999 second edition of 20, ISBN 0 9530896 1 4
Published by Chloë Brown in association with RGAP (Research Group for Artists Publications) in conjunction with the installation The Waters.

The Waters

The Waters June 1997, edition 500, ISBN 0 9530896 0 6
Published by Chloë Brown in association with RGAP (Research Group for Artists Publications) in conjunction with the installation The Waters.


Acoustic Shadows Site Gallery, Sheffield.

CD and publication, April 1999, edition 1000, ISBN 1 899926 35 6

Published by RGAP

To accompany an exhibition of sound works: with Johannes Maier, Shirley MacWilliam, J.Ainley & Rodger Brown, Gerhard Stäbler, Lindsey Adams, Robert Girling, Martin Rogers, Jürgen Kierspel, Penny McCarthy and Craig Richardson.

Researchers involved

Chloë Brown - Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

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