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Case studies

  • Delivering key results to construction specialists

    Concrete, mortar and construction specialist Vincenzo Starinieri has been able to deliver a number of specialised consultancy projects and training programmes to architectural conservators

  • SEM Analysis of a Catalytic Product

    Catal International has interacted with Sheffield Hallam University for many years with great success, so when the company needed to refine one of its catalytic products in order to prepare for increasingly rigorous EU HSE regulations, it didn’t hesitate to approach us to see how we might be able to help.

  • Feasibility Assessment for a New Product

    Aflowan asked us to undertake a feasibility assessment for a new product that it wanted to create in order to meet an emerging specific need.

  • Literature Search and Review to Determine the Feasibility of Materials

    Approached by Chase Research Cryogenics because the company had encountered problems with a particular product that was in development. The task presented to us was to explore whether or not there were any alternative materials that could potentially be used in an effort to rectify those problems.


Take a look at our projects with industry clients and partners by choosing from the case studies below.

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