Sheaf solutions training offer

Sheaf solutions training offer

ARENA simulation training courses (UK)

Sheaf Solutions offers training courses ranging from basic concepts to advanced features of ARENA simulation software. Where necessary, these courses can be delivered at client’s premises.

ARENA, a world leading simulation software package, is a powerful and dynamic modelling tool used in various industrial sectors including manufacturing, services and healthcare. It has an array of features that can be used to design user-friendly and interactive models.

Courses include

Introduction to simulation with ARENA

A 1-day course for anyone who wishes to gain an appreciation of simulation, its applications and the ARENA simulation software. The programme would include

  • simulation techniques
  • case studies
  • simulation projects
  • live model building with ARENA

Cost: £300 + VAT

Simulation with ARENA

A 4-day course for first time users of ARENA. The programme would include

  • Day 1 - ARENA modelling philosophies and model building using simple building blocks
  • Day 2 - input/output data analysis and model building with further building blocks
  • Day 3 - modelling handling systems and modelling complex logic
  • Day 4 - tailored model building exercises

Cost: £1200 + VAT


A 2-day course for ARENA users who would like to use built-in VBA to create smart and integrated models. The programme would include

  • Day 1 - ARENA/VBA model and VBA for data integration
  • Day 2 - interface design and further use of VBA capabilities

Cost: £800 + VAT

Template design with ARENA

A 2-day course for ARENA users who wish to use customised templates to reduce duplication and improve maintenance of complex simulation models. The programme would include

  • Day 1 - template design fundamentals and basic template design
  • Day 2 - advanced template design and data integration with VBA

Cost: £800 + VAT

Tailored training programmes

For clients with specific training requirements, tailored training programmes can be designed to address any aspect of ARENA model building including user-interface design (VBA) and template design.

*New* User interface design service: improve the usability of simulation models

Manipulation of data within standard simulation models (ie without any tailored user-interfaces) requires good understanding of ARENA. This prevents wider use of simulation models as end-users need to be trained. Sheaf Solutions consultants can build customised interfaces using popular office tools such as Excel and Access to store simulation input/output data. This eliminates the need for extensive training and end-users can simply operate their models using interfaces specifically designed for their needs.

For more information contact David Clegg.

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