Corrosion and structural integrity facilities

Corrosion and structural integrity facilities


  • Concrete mixing facility
  • Programmable concrete permeability testing machine
  • Mercury intrusion porosimeter (computerised)
  • Concrete curing facilities including, standard 20 degrees celsius, low temperature 5 degrees celsius and high temperature curing tanks
  • Large temperature and humidity controlled room (standard room)
  • Programmable environmental chamber (small) for durability testing (freeze thaw, wet/dry cycles)
  • Clean room for specialised testing with full computing facility
  • Concrete mist curing room
  • Carbolite furnace
  • Fresh concrete workability tests (slump, vebe, compaction factor)
  • Concrete destructive testing equipment (cube crushing, diamond drill saw, concrete coring)
  • Concrete non-destructive testing equipment (covermeter, ferroscan, snake eye, schmidt hammer)
  • Selection of ovens (programmable and manual)


  • 300kN, 100kN or 16kN high speed actuators beam test rig with two-plane capability for testing structures or components up to 7.2m long x 3.6m wide x 1.2m high
  • Light Engineering Workshop
  • 600kN universal test machine with low range load cell
  • 2500kN column testing machine up to 4m high
  • Large range of Enerpac hand-operated pumps and jacks


  • Permeability cell for testing samples of up to 50mm particle size
  • Compaction tests (static and dynamic)
  • Large and small Shear box
  • Plastic and liquid limits


  • Marshall Compactor
  • CBR Marshall tester
  • Nottingham asphalt tester (NAT)
  • Polished stone value (PSV) equipment

Masonry materials

  • Computer-controlled climatic simulator
  • Computer-controlled BCRA chamber
  • Curing chamber
  • Wallette flexural testing apparatus
  • Cam-operated furnace (1200 degrees celsius)
  • Mayes 250 KN tensile/compressive test machine
  • Brench tensile test apparatus
  • Vacuum chamber
  • Mortar preparation and testing facilities
  • Nikon stereomicroscope with photographic attachment
  • Data acquisition facilities for a variety of sensor types


  • Evaluating and testing the comparative thermal performance of reflective and multifoil insulation materials
  • Comprehensive instrumentation service and tools including strain gauges, LVDTs, load cells and data loggers
  • Modelling workshop
  • Comprehensive range of strain gauges etc
  • Thermal imaging system

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