Advanced PVD coatings

Advanced PVD coatings

MERI is renowned for the development of nanoscale multilayer Physical Vapour Deposited (PVD) coatings and for the development of the HIPIMS technique. The nanoscale multilayer structure can make the thin films, though few micrometers in thickness, super-hard or can provide multi-functionality in one coating. The coatings can have various applications; super-hard, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, oxidation resistant and/ or as coatings for aesthetic appeal and bio-medical applications.

The research based within MERI focuses on fundamental studies ranging from plasma diagnostics to the final stage of technology transfer to an industrial sized deposition machine for mass production.

The coatings development has been a result of various European Union (EU) and UK supported fundamental research projects or along with its strategic industrial / academic partners across the globe.

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