Impedance Spectroscopy

Impedance Spectroscopy

Impedance spectroscopy is a powerful electrochemical technique which not only provides quantitative data regarding the corrosion of a sample but can also be used to identify the electrochemical process occurring. Tests can be performed in different corrosive environments to simulate service conditions. Typically, however, the sample might be immersed in a sodium chloride solution. Impedance spectra can be acquired after short exposure times to obtain information on the corrosion resistance of a material or coating. Alternatively, tests can be repeated over a longer period of time to evaluate the deterioration of the sample.

External Links

  • A brief introduction to impedance spectroscopy, produced by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers can be found here
  • Solartron and Princeton Applied Research, manufacturers of electrochemistry equipment, also have technical notes available on their websites

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