Low-cost thin film solar cell

Low-cost thin film solar cell

Postgraduate students joining this group will have training and experience in all activities listed below. They will also carry out this research in their home universities and start to replicate 'solar villages' in their own countries after completion of their PhD programme.

  • growth of solar energy materials (inorganic and organic semiconductors and insulators)
  • full characterisation of materials using a wide range of modern analytical techniques (x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, scanning electron microscope, PEC, optical absorption, etc)
  • fabrication of small scale thin film solar cells and assessment using I-V, C-V, photo-response, I-V-T, admittance spectra, deep-level transient spectroscopy, etc
  • development, gradual scaling up and investigation of uniformity, yield, stability and lifetime of the devices
  • work towards commercialisation of low-cost thin films solar panels

For more information please contact MERI reception on 0114 225 3500 or email meri@shu.ac.uk

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