Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Industrial processes are more efficient when they operate at their optimal temperature. Most processes use heat and generate it as a bi-product of their primary function. If temperature is not managed then the equipment will not meet expectations and even fail prematurely. Hallam Energy has expertise in heat transfer and thermal design, and has successfully applied their knowledge to help companies improve their products and processes and achieve a competitive advantage, including the following

Iceotope Ltd
  • Thermal design for electronics cooling
  • Friction-stir welding of steel alloys
  • Cooling of processing equipment for the container glass industry

Iceotope Ltd. are working with Hallam Energy to develop the next generation of liquid cooling systems for data centre server computers, using their expertise in simulation to enable maximum computational power while safeguarding data and integrity.

Litecool Ltd. have developed new and innovative ways to package LED chips into lighting modules by working with Hallam Energy to take a fresh look at electronics assembly, exploit the fundamentals of heat transfer, and optimise their design to achieve a competitive edge.

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