Smart Interactive Technologies

Smart Interactive Technologies

The multi-disciplinary team that composes the Smart Interactive Technologies research group is interested in innovative research and developments investigating all the aspects of modelling and applying physical and intelligent systems, which coexist harmoniously with people and other artificial agents in complex real-world environments.

The research focuses on identifying and applying novel engineering principles and develop computational models of interactive systems capable to progress autonomously their capabilities in an open-ended process while (socially) interacting with human beings and empowering these individuals.

Key research domains and broad areas of interest to the group include

  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Cognitive systems and robotics; Socially Assistive Robotics; Human Robot Interaction, Design; Modelling and Simulation; Kinematics and Dynamics; Optimal Design Procedures; Unmanned Aerial System; Experimental testing.
  • Assistive technology and devices for the care of humans.
  • Cyber-physical Systems: rehabilitation and musculoskeletal biomechanics, bionics and smart materials, exoskeletons, artificial eyes.
  • Computational Intelligence: Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Evolutionary Algorithms and Strategies, Games applications, Big Data analysis.
  • Smart Systems and Environments: Smart devices and homes, Sensor Networks, Sensor data processing and fusion, Virtual and augmented Reality, Tactile and haptic perception and interaction.


Lyuba Alboul
Dr Martin Beer
Dr Alessandro di Nuovo
Dr Peter O'Neill
Giuseppe Carbone
Peter Collingwood
Jacques Penders

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