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Past and current projects

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Regional Implementation Leads (RILs) in Bristol – Pilot Evaluation

This project aims to advance our understanding of knowledge mobilisation in relation to EEF regional delivery, by evaluating the RIL active implementation support model as a means of improving evidence-informed processes and practices in schools.

Making change happen in teacher professional development

Understanding the mechanisms for change in school and policy environments which lead to embedded teacher professional development

Wipro STEM Teacher Fellowship and Teacher Mentor Programmes

Collaboration, enquiry, innovation and trust: a professional development programme for experienced & early career teachers of STEM subjects

Engineering Solutions

A Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach for engineering education.

Movement of ideas

The movement of ‘ideas for practice’ to literacy teachers in lockdown

Early Outcomes South Yorkshire evaluation

Evaluating the DfE funded Early Outcomes programme in South Yorkshire exploring the way four Local Authorities and the South Yorkshire Futures social mobility partnership collaborated to improve early years Speech and Language provision across the region

Research Mobilities in Primary Literacy Education.

Exploring how literacy research findings move to and between primary teachers and what happens to them as they do so

Evaluation of English Mastery

Ark UK English Mastery is an intervention that aims to improve attainment in English by enabling teachers to deliver a coherent and cumulative English experience for KS3 pupils.

Landscaping Mathematics Education Policy

Informing mathematics education in the future: Analysing national policy and scanning international innovations in mathematics education

Evaluation of Youth Perspectives of the STEM Ambassadors Programme

This research project is investigating what young people think and feel about experiences they have had with STEM Ambassadors or other STEM enrichment and enhancement activities to inform future development of the initiative.

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