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Wipro STEM Teacher Fellowship and Teacher Mentor Programmes

Collaboration, enquiry, innovation and trust: a professional development programme for experienced & early career teachers of STEM subjects

Movement of ideas

The movement of ‘ideas for practice’ to literacy teachers in lockdown

Early Outcomes South Yorkshire evaluation

Evaluating the DfE funded Early Outcomes programme in South Yorkshire exploring the way four Local Authorities and the South Yorkshire Futures social mobility partnership collaborated to improve early years Speech and Language provision across the region

Quality Assurance of Teacher Professional Development

Design and testing of a system of quality assurance for teacher professional development

Research into supporting teachers of science engaging with and carrying out research

Sheffield Institute of Education project researching supporting teachers of science education with and carrying out research

REACH Primary

Testing the impact of a targeted Teaching Assistant led programme on word recognition, decoding and language comprehension in primary school pupils.

Evaluation of the Adventure Learning Trail

Research project investigating whether adventure learning can improve students’ skills, behaviour and academic results

Co-researching grammar

Sheffield Institute of Education working collaboratively to develop a descriptive pedagogy of grammar

PiCaM: Citizenship and mathematics

Developing critical citizenship and global learning through and within mathematics teaching

Integrating English into the Curriculum

Research project integrating English into the curriculum to improve pupils' language development

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