SPARC PhD completions

SPARC PhD completions

Our recent PhD completions provide an excellent insight into the diversity of PhD topics studied within SPARC.

2019–20 completions

The Effects of Strength Training on Intermuscular Coordination During Maximal Cycling
Louise Burnie

Community Based Treatment of Obesity in Childhood; A Co-Produced, Mixed Method Approach
Victoria Coulton

The Inspirational Effect of Major Sporting Events on Attenders' Attitudes and Behaviours
Ricardo De Sousa

Biomechanical Adaptations in the Acceleration Phase of Bend Sprinting
Laura Judson

Large-scale Method for Identifying the Relationships Between Racket Properties and Playing Characteristics
Helen Karditsas

Exploring Applications of Motivational Interviewing in Sport Psychology
Rory Mack

Legacies of a Mega Sporting Event for Healthy Adolescent Development: A case study of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Games
Annie Smith

Real-time Analysis and Feedback of Performance Indicators in Elite Diving
Adam Sotheran

Runners’ Individual Learning Responses to a Biofeedback Intervention to Reduce Tibial Acceleration
Linda Van Gelder