Need help with your contract

Need help with your contract

If you’re going on a placement that’s part of a work experience module, you won’t have a contract. This information is for Sandwich Placements, which usually have a contract of employment between you and your placement provider.

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The University isn’t part of your contract, so you will need to check this yourself to make sure you agree to the terms and conditions. Some international placements require a 3-way agreement that includes you, the University and your Placement Provider, e.g. Spain & France, but this isn’t a requirement in the UK and the UK uses standard contracts of employment for placements.

Your contract should include:

  • How long you will be employed for (this should be fixed-term, e.g. for 6-12 months)
  • Your job title and a summary of your duties (this should be the same as the advert)
  • Your expected hours and working days (this could be flexible, or include fixed days & hours)
  • How much you will be paid (if applicable)
  • Details of any other benefits (if applicable)
  • Location / place of work (where you are expected to work, or potential options)
  • Your annual leave entitlement (how many paid holiday days you can take whilst on placement)
  • Sickness absence policy & procedure (what do if you’re unwell and can’t make it to work)
  • Discipline and grievance policy & procedure (what to do in case of problems at work)
  • Termination of employment (reasons for termination, notice periods)
  • Confidentiality (what you should consider confidential and your responsibilities)
  • Data protection (how your placement provider will process your information and why)
  • Pensions (details of any entitlements and contributions)
  • Applicable law (this determines which country’s legal system will deal with legal issues)

If you need help understanding your terms and conditions, contract of employment etc. There are two options available to help look through your contract: