International placements

The University has suspended all international travel for Semester 1 in 2020/21. This page is therefore only relevant for students currently out on previously authorised international placements prior to the restrictions coming into effect; or for students intending to go on placement after the restrictions on travel are lifted (e.g. for 2021/22 placements). For up-to-date information, please refer to our Coronavirus FAQs for students on sandwich and short placements page.

Completing an international work placement has so many benefits, which last longer than the experience itself. This is a rewarding experience that provides the opportunity to develop professionally, academically and personally. Gaining experience abroad shows resilience and adaptability, as well as deepens your understanding of different cultures. 


Once you have secured an international placement contact the organisation for advice on accommodation. Although this advice will present options, it is likely you will need to arrange this yourself. It's important that you do your research and consider: distance from work, costs, bills and length of contract. 

Agencies that provide support with finding accommodation overseas include: HousingAnywhere and As well as this, you may need to arrange short-term accommodation upon your return to Sheffield. There are options to do this through weekly contracts. The University’s Accommodation Services can provide advice on this. 

Personal Safety 

Before deciding your potential placement destination, it's vital that you research the potential risks, and local customs of staying in your host country. The University requires you to complete a Risk Assessment in order to consider effective arrangements to minimise the risk whilst you are abroad. Once you have decided your safe destination, make a list of contact details for: Sheffield Hallam University, your host organisation/accommodation, the British Embassy in the host country, insurance company and bank details. 


International placements can be costly, but there are funding opportunities to support you. These include Erasmus funding, and GoGlobal fund. Managing your finances whilst you're abroad may mean opening an overseas account, or checking your restrictions on your current bank (unless your stay is short).


Sheffield Hallam can provide you with free travel insurance. If you fill out the SHU Travel Insurance Request Form, you will receive a copy of the policy by email. This will cover immediate/emergency medical cover, repatriation and cancellation. However, will not include insurance of possessions, or special activities. It is recommended you purchase your own insurance policy which is more tailored to the activities you will be completing. It is advised that you should keep a copy of your insurance policy and passport with you at all times in case of emergency for proof of insurance. 


Culture shock is common among travelling placement students. When living in another country, it is completely normal to experience a degree of culture shock. It is recommended to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings as soon as you arrive with an open-minded approach. This could include going on short walks and tasting the local cuisine. Researching the local traditions will also make you feel more at ease in your placement destination. If your placement is being hosted in a country where the language is new to you, it would be beneficial to learn some key phrases to be able to communicate to a certain degree. 


It is good to research whether you will need any vaccinations before going on placement as courses of injections may be needed several months prior to departure. You can visit for advice and guidance on the country in which your placement is taking place. 

The Student Health at Hallam provide a variety of vaccinations for students, some are free where others do have a cost dependant on if they are funded by the NHS. Check the website to see which vaccinations are offered, and don’t forget to register for the service first before trying to book any appointments. 

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