Get your placement approved

Before going on your placement or short work experience, your placement must first be approved by the University to ensure that it is suitable for your course (for placements) or your module (for short work experiences). The way in which both of these types of work experience are approved is different due to a number of different things, like how long you are expected to be working on a placement providers premises or the kind of work you are expected to do. Therefore please use the correct approval process below, to avoid any delay.

All types of sandwich placement, or ‘placement year’

This section is relevant to placements that will form part of your sandwich or work experience degree. For more information about these if you’re not sure, take a look at the 10 things you need to know about placements to get up to speed.

To do this you must first login to UniHub, go to your dashboard, select what type of placement you will be completing (e.g. sandwich placement) and complete the Student Information Form or let the Work Experience Team know as soon as you accept a placement offer. The Team will then send you a couple of tasks to complete (starting with completing the form in UniHub) and will contact the employer for the relevant documents required to approve your placement. After all is approved, the Team will send you an 'Authority to Start' placement letter by email to confirm your placement has been approved by the University and you can start on your agreed date. You will then be ready to complete the placement year and the Applied Professional Diploma.

How to complete your placement year and be awarded an Applied Professional Diploma
  1. Choose which "setting" best represents the learning and activities you will undertake on placement: Community/Research Consultancy/Industry/ Enterprise/International. This will become the awarding title of your Diploma and should inform your Synoptic Portfolio
  2. Be employed on an approved placement. You must have an Authority to Start letter from the Employability Operations Team to start your placement 
  3. Be employed for 24 weeks (this includes annual leave) depending on your course 
  4. Work a minimum of 30 hours per week 
  5. Complete the 3 touchpoints with your Placement Academic Adviser (or equivalent) throughout your placement. This will support the completion of your Synoptic Portfolio 
  6. Submit your Synoptic Portfolio on the Placement Blackboard site following your third touchpoint with your Placement Academic Adviser (or equivalent), or on or before the specified date

All types of short work experience, or short placements

This section is relevant to any type of short work experience, or short placement that is part of a module that includes a period of work experience. For more information about these if you’re not sure, take a look at the 10 things you need to know about short work experiences to find out more. Please note that this section is not for either Education or Health placements, as those are a specialist type of placement.

To get your short work experience approved, you must complete the Short Work Experience Approval form in UniHub or let the University know by emailing the Work Experience Team as soon as you have secured a short work experience. Before you complete this, you will need to discuss a number of things with your work experience supervisor, such as your responsibilities and the health & safety risk assessment. Resources to help you do this will be unique to your module, therefore further details can be found on your module blackboard site.

The below YouTube video will talk you through the stages of the approval process:

You will need the following during the approval: 

  • The correct name and email address of your module tutor, who will be able to approve this experience 
  • The correct name and email address of your work experience provider 
  • The brief details of the work you will be doing for your tutor to approve as appropriate 
  • The risk assessment details as discussed by you and your work experience provider
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