Support on placement

Touchpoints on placement

Your Placement Academic Adviser (or equivalent) will set up 3 touchpoints with you at the beginning, middle and end of your placement. These are aligned directly to the synoptic portfolio and are there to support you to complete and also provide any additional support should you need it. 

Please make sure you keep your contact details and address up-to-date, and regularly check your student email account. 

Struggling on placement 

Getting used to a working environment can be challenging, especially in the early transition from university to full time employment. If you feel that you are struggling, then talk to one of your advisers above before you take any action, such as resigning.  

Depending on your concerns you can talk to either your Placement Academic Adviser (or equivalent) who is your first point of contact, to your Student Support Adviser or your Employability Adviser who are all here to help talk through any concerns you may have. In addition, you still have full access to the university’s support services, such as student wellbeing, accessible through MyHallam.

Your line manager 

Don’t forget, while you are on placement, your primary source of pastoral and developmental support will often be your line manager but University staff are here too, to support you to complete the synoptic portfolio and answer any queries you have throughout the placement. 

The Student Support Model on placement 

As part of our student support offer, you have access to three dedicated advisers while you are studying and this includes your time on placement. These include a Student Support Adviser, a Placement Academic Adviser (or equivalent) and an Employability Adviser. You can find out more about how this works for students and the names of the student support advisers for each area on MyHallam

Student Support Adviser

Student Support Advisers are able to help you with personal or professional issues that you experience during your placement year. Contact them through Hallam Help.

Placement Academic Adviser (or equivalent) 

Your Placement Academic Adviser (or equivalent) is an academic member of staff. They will discuss your learning and development and will also support you to complete the award. 

Employability Adviser 

Your Employability Adviser is still available throughout your placement year if you need them.

Student Support Model at Hallam
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