Transfers from another university

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Transfers from another university

Find out how to transfer from another university to Sheffield Hallam

We are happy to consider transfers from other universities. We offer entry at the start of the academic year, and in some cases you might be able to join your course at a higher level.

Finding a course

The first thing to do is find a course you want to join, and compare it with your current course.

If they are quite similar, you might be able to use your progress so far to:

  • meet the course entry requirements, if you don't have other relevant qualifications
  • enter the course at a higher level, instead of starting in year one.

You can still request a transfer if you want to move to a new subject, but you will have to start in year one.

If you're not sure how your current course compares to the one you want to join, you can contact our admissions team for advice.

Applying for a transfer

Transfers use the standard UCAS process, but you'll need to give a bit of extra information.

Make sure you:

  • state the level you would like to join at,
  • state the modules you've studied and your assessment results,
  • get a reference from someone who knows how you are doing on your course.

It will also help if you can explain why you want to transfer in your personal statement.

Assessing your transfer application

You will still need to meet the entry requirements for your new course, and be successful at interviews or portfolio reviews where needed.

If you pass the assessment process, we will offer you a conditional or unconditional offer, just like a standard UCAS application.

We will also tell you what level of entry we are offering you. If we don't feel you are ready to start at a higher level, we might still offer you a place at a lower level.

International students

Before you apply for a transfer, get advice on how it might affect your visa.

You might need to request a visa extension if your transfer means starting your studies again in year one.

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