How we assess applications

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How we assess applications

Learn how we review and decide on applications

We want you to be successful when you apply to Sheffield Hallam. We receive more applications than available places, so we have designed a process to help us fully understand your potential as a student.

Each year, offers of entry depend on the number of applications we receive, and the level of potential within the pool of applicants.

If you don't get an offer this time, it does not mean you won't next year.

What we ask for

We start by looking at the three key components of your application. These are:

  • your grades
  • your personal statement
  • your references.

For help with these, see our pages about writing a good personal statement and choosing the right referees.

Interviews and portfolios

In some cases, we might invite you to an interview, ask for a portfolio, or both.

This depends on your course, your application material, and how much competition there is for places. Portfolio reviews are particularly common for art and design courses.

If you need to do either of these, we will tell you in advance, and send you everything you need to prepare.

To get an idea of what to expect, see our pages on preparing for an interview and preparing a portfolio.

Equality and fairness

We carefully consider all applications, and work hard to be consistent, fair and transparent to all applicants.

We also know that grades, personal statements, and references sometimes can't tell the full story about your potential.

For that reason, we have:

  • contextual offers for applicants who identify with one or more priority groups
  • extra application support for those who face barriers to attending university
  • ongoing equality, diversity, and inclusion training for our staff

Get help

For questions about how to apply, please contact the Student Recruitment Team.

Open days

Register for an open day event and find out what Sheffield Hallam has to offer.

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