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Our interviews and selection events

Find out what happens at a selection event and how you can prepare

After you apply, we might invite you to attend a selection event. Not all of our courses hold these events, so don't worry if you didn't get an invitation.

Selection events help us understand whether you are likely to succeed on your course. They also help you to decide whether you like us.

Being invited to a selection event doesn't mean you're guaranteed a place. The point is to help us come to a mutual decision.

How it works

Each event is different, depending on the course. They might include one or more of:

  • an interview
  • an audition piece
  • discussion of your portfolio
  • a group discussion
  • a literacy activity
  • a skills assessment.

How to prepare

Preparing yourself is all about getting into the right mindset.

  • Think about why you want to be accepted
  • Think about what you will bring to the university and course
  • Practice explaining this with someone you trust.

When we invite you, we will tell you about any specific things you need to prepare, such as declarations, a portfolio, or an audition piece.

A group of staff and course leaders will be at the event to tell you what you ned to do and conduct assessments.

What to wear

Dress neatly and reasonably smartly, but don't worry about wearing a suit. And make sure you feel good and comfortable in your outfit – we want you to feel confident and at ease during the event.

Disability support

If you need it, we can provide extra support such as sign language interpreters, note takers, or materials in accessible formats.

Just let us know what you need when you respond to your invitation.

You can also contact our Disabled Student Support team to discuss support available to you as a student at the University.

Get help

For questions about our selection events, please contact:

Admissions Office


Open days

Register for an open day event and find out what Sheffield Hallam has to offer.

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