Preparing a portfolio

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Preparing a portfolio

Learn how to prepare and submit your portfolio

For some creative subjects, we might ask you to submit a portfolio of relevant work.

Your portfolio won't have to be professional-level, or include everything you have done.

Instead, we will be looking for a selection of work that shows your potential. We want to see the breadth and depth of your creativity, and how it has developed over time.

You can include school or college work, personal projects or work in progress. You can even select relevant work from other fields, such as writing, research or problem solving.

How to organise a portfolio

Start with the work that you are most confident in, and think represents you best. We want to see your process too, so include sketchbooks and evidence of research and development work where appropriate.

For each piece of work, give a short title and one or two sentences to explain what it is and when it was done.

If your school or college work is likely to be sent away for assessment or put on display, keep copies so that you can include it in your portfolio.

Preparing your portfolio

Create your portfolio as a pdf, with your name and your chosen course clearly visible at the start.

Physical media

Sketchbooks, paintings, printed work, models and sculptures should be photographed or scanned.


Add videos as a link. You can include a screenshot with the link if you like.

Make sure you have removed any viewing restrictions, and that we will not need a username or password to watch the video.

File size and name

Your pdf can be up to 25MB. When you save it, use this filename format:

Surname (Student ID) COURSE TITLE CODE

For example, Thompson (12345678) FYFASHION.pdf.

Course title codes

Course Code
Fashion Design FASHION
Fashion Design with Foundation FYFASHION
Fashion Management and Communication FMC
Fashion Management and Communication with Foundation FYFMC
Fine Art ART
Fine Art with Foundation FYART
Graphic Design GRAPHICS
Graphic Design with Foundation FYGRAPHICS
Interior Architecture & Design IA&D
Interior Architecture & Design with Foundation FYIA&D
Jewellery, Materials & Design JMD
Jewellery, Materials & Design with Foundation FYJMD
Illustration with Foundation FYILLUSTRATION
BA Product Design BAPRODUCT
BA Product Design with Foundation BAFYPRODUCT
BSc Product Design BScPRODUCT
BSc Product Design with Foundation BScFYPRODUCT

If you are not able to submit a digital portfolio or would like further support, contact us at

Sending your portfolio

There are two steps to sending your portfolio.

  1. Send your portfolio by email.
  2. Fill in a submission form.

To find the correct email address and a link to the submission form, check the email we sent requesting your portfolio.

You can send your portfolio as an attachment or provide a link to it. If you use a link, make sure there are no viewing restrictions.

Put your file name in the email subject line, e.g. Thompson (12345678) FYFASHION.

If you have any problems submitting your portfolio, contact our IT Service Desk for help.

Get help

For questions about submitting your portfolio, please contact:


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