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5 ways studying at university is different to school or college

1. You’re in charge.

At university you develop your own resources and take control of your learning. But you won’t be on your own. Throughout your time here you will work and share ideas with other students on your course, and you’ll be supported by your lecturers and personal tutors.

2. Most of your learning takes place outside the classroom.

Our campuses have hundreds of flexible spaces, designed based on feedback from our students. Whether you prefer a quiet environment, you need a place to practise your presentation, or you want a private room to discuss your group project, you’ll find the right space. And you’ll often find our staff using the same facilities, giving you a supportive environment and easy access to your lecturers.

3. You’ll learn in ways you hadn't even thought about.

You will take part in a range of activities that help you explore your subject in new and different ways. For example, on our history course you study the history of Sheffield by walking around the city and finding your own topics to research. On our engineering courses you can build a racecar and race it against other students at the home of the British grand prix, Silverstone.

4. You have the power to change your course.

Because you’re at the heart of our teaching, your views make a meaningful difference to your course. Expect to be included in discussions about how you’re taught, what you study, how the course is developed, and the learning spaces you need.

5. Over time, you’ll find your perfect way to study.

You’ll receive plenty of support from our tutors and support staff, as well as easy access to the learning resources you need. We do everything we can to help you learn – any time, any place.

'Studying at university is very different. I thought I was independent at school but here you don’t have the same routine every day – it’s a lot more flexible. It’s nice to have the freedom to plan your own time.

'It can be a big jump but you get used to it really quickly. The lecturers are always there if you need help. And because everyone’s in the same boat, there’s a nice sense of community with the other students. We’re all adjusting at the same time, which brings us together.'

Emily Best, 1st year English student

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