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The final four

27 April 2021

The final four

Logos of GP Video Library, Peak Medtek, Active Things and Liminal Health

The final participants of the AWRC Wellbeing Accelerator joined our innovation journey at the end of 2020. Here are our final four:

  • GP Video: A video production company, making it easier for patients to access targeted health messages from their GP.
  • Active Things: An active travel assistant helping to make secure bike parking a reality.
  • Peak MedTek: The creators of a novel falls prevention device.
  • Liminal Health: A remote health coaching service which provides support to employees with cancer, diabetes and other long-term conditions.

The addition of another diverse cohort of startup companies to the Accelerator has brought exciting research opportunities to the AWRC, which not only support our key themes, but will help people live longer, healthier lives.

Here’s a quick reminder of those key themes…

Healthy and active 100
Innovation that prevents disease and supports people into 100 years of healthy active life.

Living well with chronic disease
Exploring the management and treatment of chronic disease, such as cancer, stroke, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes and mental health, through physical activity as a therapy.

Technological and digital innovations to promote independent lives
Focusing on new and emerging technologies to help people move, improving health and wellbeing across the population.

Using the expertise of our researchers at the AWRC and our mentor network, we are working with some of the founders to validate their existing products, whilst some of the startups are using our knowledge and skills to take their minimal viable product (MVP) to market. Check the news section for regular updates.

The AWRC Wellbeing Accelerator draws to a close in June 2021 and we can’t wait to share the outcomes of our research projects. What’s more, from July 2021 we will be scouting for startups to join future accelerators, as well as SMEs and larger businesses to get more involved in the trail blazing research here at the AWRC.

If you want to find out more about working with the AWRC or future accelerators, please get in touch with our Relationship Manager, Kim Holland