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09 June 2021

Mentor spotlight - Phil Hornby

Phil Hornby tells how he's been delivering workshops to the participants on the AWRC Wellbeing Accelerator up skill and help them make progress.

06 May 2021

Mentor spotlight - Gus Desbarats

Gus Desbarats tells how he saw the AWRC Wellbeing Accelerator as an exciting opportunity to share his experience of how to plan, manage and deliver effective commercial innovation.

27 April 2021

The final four

The final four – meet the final companies to join the AWRC Wellbeing Accelerator

22 March 2021

An open letter from the AWRC regarding Simon Butler

The passing of a dear colleague, friend and mentor.

22 March 2021

Health-tech startups to speak at Health Innovation Exchange

On Tuesday 30th March, the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) will host the Health Innovation Exchange. An event focusing on innovation in rehabilitation and its application within the NHS.

03 March 2021

AWRC Wellbeing Accelerator Showcase

AWRC Wellbeing Accelerator Showcase: How we accelerated wellbeing innovation during a pandemic.

03 March 2021

Mentor spotlight - Lindsey Cook

Lindsey Cook tells us how she jumped at the chance to become a mentor for the AWRC Wellbeing Accelerator.

29 January 2021

Golf in Society: More than a game

Golf in Society’s mission is to improve the lives of our ageing population by introducing them to the health and wellbeing benefits of golf.

15 January 2021

Run3D and the AWRC Wellbeing Accelerator

Validating Run 3D’s gait analysis technology against the AWRC’s gold standard equipment.

06 January 2021

JT Rehab and the AWRC Wellbeing Accelerator: The story so far...

JT Rehab and the AWRC Wellbeing Accelerator: The story so far...

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