EMERGENCE: Healthcare Robots from Labs into Service

EMERGENCE: Healthcare Robots from Labs into Service

The network will facilitate innovative digital solutions for the care of older people via the creation of a sustainable healthcare robotics eco-system. 

A person demonstrating robots to a group of people

The network connects and create synergies among researchers, industry, and healthcare providers, in order to build the infrastructure and systems to drive world-class advances in healthcare robotics research and development to support people living with frailty within communities in the UK.

This project is led by Prof. Caleb-Solly (University of Nottingham), Hallam is responsible for the co-creation activities. Prof. Di Nuovo is co-Iead, he leads the Hallam research team. Assoc. Prof. Fowler-Davis is the chair of the Steering Group of stakeholders that guides the co-creation activities. The project will fund 10 feasibility studies that allow the Network partners to gather information on the future impact of robotics technologies on health and wellbeing of people with frailty.

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