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AWRC projects

AWRC projects

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Active Wait

Active Wait is a collaborative research project developed by the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University and the Musculoskeletal Care Group at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which aims to enable people awaiting hip or knee replacement surgery to remain active and feel prepared.

Profiling the response to exercise in Long COVID patients to inform novel rehabilitation guidelines

The value of clinical cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) within healthcare settings has been established in the last decade. CPET methods remain highly relevant in the COVID-19 endemic phase and should be used to assess those recovering from COVID-19 infection.

Physical Activity Clinical Champions

The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre at will lead a consortium with the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine and Intelligent Health to run the Sport England-funded Physical Activity Clinical Champions (PACC) Programme.

Doncaster Health Determinants Research Collaboration (HDRC)

In 2020, Doncaster Council delivered a Local Authority Research System project. It found that staff lacked time, funding, confidence and capacity to either carry out research or use its findings, nevertheless, staff understood the value of research activity.

Golf as a therapeutic tool for older adults and their supporters

Sheffield Hallam University has teamed up with Golf in Society (GiS) and Sport for Confidence to explore how the social connectivity of golf can improve the health and wellbeing of those who are frail and living with Parkinson’s and dementia.

Planet Wellbeing: Using Extended Reality to Improve Mental Health and Reduce Loneliness

One in 15 people aged 50+ are often lonely, rising to one in three for those who are widowed, and one in four for those in poor health. Loneliness and social isolation have numerous health consequences including 26% increased mortality likelihood and more than doubling the risk of developing dementia.

Strength in Midlife

The project will create an accessible, co-designed app that helps to democratise the health benefits of strength training and meet the specific exercise needs of women in midlife.

Physical Activity Support for Long COVID Patients

A major study from Sheffield Hallam University and ukactive has been launched to understand how the sport and physical activity sector is supporting people suffering from Long-COVID.

I'M ACTIVE - Intelligent Multimodal Assessment and Coaching Through Identification of Vulnerabilities in Older People

The IM ACTIVE project will study the design of a smart integrated system that can provide continuous tailored support to older adults to achieve and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

EMERGENCE: Healthcare Robots from Labs into Service

The network will facilitate innovative digital solutions for the care of older people via the creation of a sustainable healthcare robotics eco-system.

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