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AWRC projects

AWRC projects

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Active Together

Active Together is a pioneering programme designed to help people with cancer prepare for and recover from treatment

Evaluating the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks during the Covid-19 pandemic

We evaluated the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks and their role in supporting community recovery during and following the Covid-19 pandemic

Helping small businesses achieve big ambitions

Find out how our Wellbeing Accelerator helps start-ups and SMEs to develop innovative health and wellbeing products

Developing new technology for Sheffield Children's Hospital

We are working with Sheffield Children's Hospital and The Children's Hospital Charity to develop new, globally innovative technologies in paediatric care.

Helping people move more in lockdown

Sheffield Hallam University researchers are working with Sport England to help elderly and vulnerable people stay active and exercise during the coronavirus lockdown.

Developing evidence-based solutions for Westfield Health

Understanding the impact of Workplaces Wellness interventions was the aim of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the AWRC and Westfield Health.

Fatigue Systematic Review

We explored fatigue - a common symptom of long Covid. To do this, we conducted a systematic review of the literature and explored the lived experiences of those who are managing or have overcome fatigue

Exploring long covid experiences through physical activity

The effects of long Covid are still unfolding. To find out more about it, we conducted a qualitative study based on semi-structured interviews on 18 people living with the illness.

Robotics for children with special needs

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are being supported during clinical appointments by robots, developed in a partnership between the AWRC Sheffield Children's Hospital and the Children's Hospital Charity.

The Long Covid STAR – Symptoms, Reaction Time, Activity and Recovery

Many people continue to have symptoms of Covid-19, which impacts their life long after they had expected to recover

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