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Mirror I: Hierarchy

Mirror I: Hierarchy was devised to explore the anxieties and thought-processes of two protagonists within the world of surgery – the patient and the surgeon.

Thought Curfew

Thought Curfew is an original performance project developed for presentation as the headline act of the Ubumuntu Festival of Culture in Kigali, Rwanda in 2018.

Mirror IV: Legacy

Mirror IV: Legacy is a two-channel video installation. It was developed as an experimental platform to explore the relationship between content and framing. Specifically, the project considered the authority of a museum and the credibility of an archive.

Mirror III: Horizon

Mirror III: Horizon is a two-channel video installation. The project examines the challenges to trust that can occur when identities cannot be verified.

Mirror II: Distance

Mirror II: Distance is a dual-screen video installation. It was produced as the result of two field trips to Pakistan in 2015 focussing on the heavily fortified diplomatic enclave of Islamabad.