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Female anatomy

Kaisu Koski's research addresses the visual conventions of the female interior and the normality and standardization of the body in medical education

Life-saving lullabies

In conjunction with the University of Huddersfield and St John Zambia, this research investigates the potential of using lullaby as a zero-cost intervention to communicate essential knowledge and skills to support the transitioning of adolescents into motherhood

Digital Places: Location-Based Digital Practice in Higher Education using Bluetooth Beacons

This paper provides a high-level overview of Bluetooth beacon technology, along with an indication of some of the ways in which it is developing, and ways that it could be used to support learning in higher education

Cigar Box Guitars

Investigating the DIY practices of cigar box guitar makers, exploring how this practice differs from other DIY practices

Vaccine Hesitancy

The research ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ explores the health beliefs of vaccine critical parents.

Human Simulation

The research ‘Human Simulation’ investigates how the human body, a person and various health concerns are being simulated in medical education by using standardized patients (SP).

As Much About Forgetting

As much about forgetting considers how the passage of time gives us both history and memory, and how tensions often exist between these two formulations

Influence of Mars

The short film Influence of Mars by Susannah Gent employs filmmaking to reveal hidden instinctual behaviour.

Making virtual reconstructions part of the visit: an exploratory study

What role do Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) play in engaging visitors of cultural heritage? Can we design for 3D reconstructions to be part of the visit rather than separated experiences?

KOS: Material Witness

This research study presents new insights on the inadequacies of International non-Government Agencies to the refugee crisis in Kos through the optic of design

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