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The Imposter Series

The Imposter Series is an ongoing project of observational still life drawings taken from objects/artefacts/props used in Yuen Fong Ling’s performance-workshops.

Single Portion Packaging and the Use of User Test Protocols to Determine Patient Accessibility

Work by researchers at the University of Wollongong in Australia looked at access and use of packaging by patients in hospitals in New South Wales

The Challenges for Graphic Design in Establishing an Academic Research Culture - Lessons from the Research Excellence Framework

This research addresses the claim made about graphic and communication design research in the Research Excellence Framework 2015 Panel overview report (UoA34: Art and Design: History, Practice and Theory p.85)


Re:mains is a collection of jewellery artefacts which form a multi-component output. This research, developed through iterative practice-based processes, explores the extent to which jewellery, created predominately using food waste, could serve as tools which enable the wearer to reflect on the everyday act of eating.

Company of animals

Company of animals' products were previously packed in plastic clamshell packs or packs with a high plastic component. As an ethical company focused on animal welfare, this is something they were keen to change.

RSA Spinal Injury Design Workshops

This Lab4Living project relates to Design and Rehabilitation, an RSA initiative which began in 2009, to teach design to people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) as a route to independence, resourcefulness and greater control over their lives.

Mirror III: Horizon

Mirror III: Horizon is a two-channel video installation. The project examines the challenges to trust that can occur when identities cannot be verified.

A Soft Rebellion in Paradise

This enquiry focuses on the post-industrial city of Sheffield, its female citizens, and their empowerment, explored through filmed participatory performance, and extends Brown’s methodologies developed in Detroit from 2015-2017.


This research explores the implications of a growing shift of healthcare from what has previously resided within the domain of the hospital to the private space of the home.

Public art and Architectural metalwork

Contribution to regeneration programs through creative collaborations and the production of public artworks

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