Primary logo

Our logo is the face of our brand. It brings together our name and our central proposition, ‘Knowledge Applied’. It is our most recognisable brand asset. Use the logo locked to the wordmark ‘Knowledge Applied’.

Sheffield Hallam University Primary Logo

Secondary logo

Where size or space is limited you can use the logo without the wordmark ‘Knowledge Applied’. This allows flexibility to present our logo at its best, with prominence, depending on the setting.

Sheffield Hallam University secondary logo
Sheffield Hallam Secondary logo black and white

Using the logo

Use the core full colour logo wherever you can. Black and white versions are available if there are challenges with contrast, legibility or accessibility.

Exclusion zones

The logo must be positioned in its own clear space, standing apart from other images and/or text. In order to achieve this, the logo must always be surrounded by a minimum clear zone, which is achieved using the letter ‘H’. The clear zone helps to ensure the logo is consistently displayed to its best effect.

Logo sizing

To help maintain visibility, we have a minimum logo size in place. The minimum width of our primary logo is 30mm/113.39px.

Sheffield Hallam Logo with exclusion area
Sheffield Hallam University logo sizing example
Examples not to size

Logo clearance

The logo should always have at least one ‘H’ height all the way round.

Logo placement

The default position of the logo is top left. But there is room for flexibility where restrictions apply.

Brand and logo principles

We are a large University with lots of departments, centres and services which underpin the Sheffield Hallam University brand. View our principles for best showcasing the brand to our student, staff, business and research audiences. 

Sub-brand logos

Current sub-brand logos with their own guidelines are available in the sub-brand section. Please do not construct your own sub-brand logo. If you have any enquires please email Marketingenquiries@shu.ac.uk.

Academic Department, Research Institute and Research Centre logos

It’s important that our audiences see all the departments of Sheffield Hallam as one single, unified organisation. For guidance on research and department branding, please follow our brand and logo principles

Partnership logos

Sheffield Hallam has unique partnerships with education providers, research bodies, charities and other organisations. An example of a partnership logo has been included below. Please do not construct your own partnership logo. If you believe you require a logo please email Marketingenquiries@shu.ac.uk.

Sheffield Hallam University and La Trobe University partnership logo

Logo request

If you believe there is a requirement for a department logo, please contact us for an initial discussion using the button below.