Photography and video

Photography and video

From photography, videography to illustrations, our use of imagery and content allows us to tell our story authentically and express our values. 

  • Where possible, use real students or staff, so that they are authentic, representative and relatable. 

  • Make sure that appropriate consent is obtained and kept for future records.

  • Use images that reflect diversity, promote equality and are equally representative to all genders, races, abilities, ages, beliefs, sexual orientations and partnership statuses.

  • Use the highest quality imagery to communicate our high standards of quality and professionalism. For print, the minimum spec for photography is 300dpi.

  • Keep the focus on people (with objects or projects in a supporting capacity) to help our audience connect to the message.

  • Use natural lighting.

  • Ensure the location is relevant to the subject matter.

  • Videos should include the official Sheffield Hallam ‘outro’ clip so that the content is recognisably ours. Branded video clips are available to download in Bynder.

  • If using third-party images, make sure you obtain and keep a record of the original owner’s permission.

Authentic, representative and relatable

Group of students walking through a forest
Vertical image of students in a lab
Portrait example
two students hugging at a sporting event
Square example


Using illustration can help explain sensitive or complex subjects, displaying facts and figures in interesting ways or bringing content to life when photographs and videos aren’t unavailable.

Illustrations should always be made up of the appropriate colours and tone for the intended audience. See our colours page for more information.

Illustration example
Illustration of Sheffield city centre on a blue background

Sheffield Hallam YouTube

Please see the video below applying the University video principles including the official University outro. Watch campus tours, student stories and interviews on the Sheffield Hallam YouTube channel.

Further guidance for Hallam staff members is available in our brand principles. Alternatively, please email