Photography and video

Photography and video

From photography, videography to illustrations, our use of imagery and content allows us to tell our story authentically and express our values. 

  • Where possible, use real students or staff, so that they are authentic, representative and relatable. 

  • Make sure that appropriate consent is obtained and kept for future records.

  • Use images that reflect diversity, promote equality and are equally representative to all genders, races, abilities, ages, beliefs, sexual orientations and partnership statuses.

  • Use the highest quality imagery to communicate our high standards of quality and professionalism. For print, the minimum spec for photography is 300dpi.

  • Keep the focus on people (with objects or projects in a supporting capacity) to help our audience connect to the message.

  • Use natural lighting.

  • Ensure the location is relevant to the subject matter.

  • Videos should include the official Sheffield Hallam ‘intros’ and ‘outro’ clips so that the content is recognisably ours.

  • If using third-party images, make sure you obtain and keep a record of the original owner’s permission.