Primary font

Our primary font is Meta Pro. Meta is our most versatile font, frequently used for body copy. It’s not an open source font, so isn’t available to everyone.

Meta font web
Meta condensed font example
Meta serif font example

Secondary font

Arial is an alternative font for when Meta is not available.

Our Creative and Design team might incorporate custom modifications to these typefaces where an artful touch is needed. 


Text should be clearly legible and accessible for a wide audience across all documents and designs. Font size can impact legibility, especially for those with a visual impairment. The font size should always be taken into consideration including headers. 

Body copy or copy should be created using Meta Condensed Regular, set at an ideal size of 10pt on 12pt leading. If size constraints do not allow this, a minimum type size of 8pt can be used. 

For further style guidance, please view our style guide