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I have a few career ideas

I have a few career ideas

What this means

This can mean slightly different things to different people.

Perhaps you’re interested in lots of things. You intentionally chose a degree that will keep your options open. You’re likely to be an all-rounder and your career ideas are diverse.

Or maybe you have chosen a degree with a broad career idea in mind, for example Business Studies or Media - but realise there are lots of options within that to explore.

An open mind and adaptability are strong assets to have, especially in an ever-changing labour market. It’s ideal to balance those assets with developing some focus over your time at uni. This can help you avoid spreading your future job search efforts too thinly and help you become a strong candidate for graduate jobs.

How we can help

We can help you explore and test out your ideas in a manageable way. We can help you look past stereotypes and obvious choices. This will help you make well informed steps and decisions, throughout your time at uni and beyond.

Actions to take

Do some initial research
Test out and develop your ideas
  • Reach out and speak to people working in roles and for companies that take your interest. You can do this in a range of ways, for example attending our Career Events; applying for our Career Mentoring Scheme or reaching out to people directly, perhaps through LinkedIn 
  • Try out your ideas through work shadowing/experience or volunteering
Talk it through