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Explore job sectors

Explore job sectors

What is a sector? 

Exploring job sectors, rather than specific job titles or roles, can help broaden your career options and provide access to opportunities you have not previously considered. You may or may not have an idea of what roles your degree would be suited to or not, but you will definitely have built a number of transferrable skills throughout university that could apply to multiple sectors.

Many of these sectors cross over each other, and lots of roles encompass more than one sector. A good way to find an area that might suit you is to think about two or three sectors which interest you, and then where they might cross over! For example, most large organisations and many small ones need an employee or team who can manage their social media presence, so your degree in Film could be useful at a charity organisation creating promotional videos. Or you may have a degree in IT – a lot of sectors need in-house IT specialists, so you're not just limited to working at IT companies.

Here you'll find a number of useful resources and links across a range of sectors to help you get started. You can use these to prepare for a job search or interview in a specific sector, or simply follow your curiosity to get a better idea of the huge range of opportunities available to you: