Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research

Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research

An aerial image of a UK housing estate

Policy research with impact

CRESR is one of the UK’s leading policy research centres. We seek to understand the impact of social and economic disadvantage on places and people.


Housing and Communities icon

Housing and place

Tackling inequalities in our homes and neighbourhoods.

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Inclusive Economy icon

Inclusive economy

Creating greater economic wellbeing throughout society.

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Policy research and evaluation

Improving the role of evidence in policymaking.

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Sustainable Futures Icon

Sustainable futures

Achieving social justice as we transition to a more sustainable future.

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Voluntary and community sector

Working to deliver greater value throughout civil society.

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CRESR leadership

Ed Ferrari

Professor Ed Ferrari

Director of CRESR

Ed Ferrari
Portrait of Gail Hallewell

Gail Hallewell

Research and Knowledge Exchange Manager

Gail Hallewell
Ian Wilson 123768

Ian Wilson

Deputy Director

Ian Wilson