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Sustainable futures

Theme lead: Aimee Ambrose

The climate emergency is the greatest challenge facing humanity. Transitions to a low carbon society and the restoration of the natural world are urgent and overdue. The Sustainable Futures cluster explores the implications and experiences of these transitions from social, economic, socio-technical and policy perspectives and from the perspectives of citizens and stakeholders.

We are particularly concerned with how transitions play out in the energy and transport sectors, within urban environments and we use robust research evidence to promote just transitions and a focus on hard-to-reach groups across these domains.

We contribute to these agendas nationally and internationally and are currently engaged in the delivery of qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation in the following areas, funded by regulated funders and contract research commissions for governmental and non-governmental policy and practice organisations

  • fuel poverty research
  • the governance and fairness of energy and environmental transitions and citizen engagement
  • hard to reach energy users
  • sustainable transport and active travel
  • urban nature and green spaces
  • valuation of environmental benefits
  • evaluation of environmental policies and initiatives
  • lived experiences of low energy housing
  • digitalisation of everyday life and urban spaces

Related staff

Aimee Ambrose

Professor Aimee Ambrose

Professor of Energy Policy

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Joseph Chambers

Joseph Chambers

Research Associate

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Will Eadson 206209

Dr Will Eadson

Professor of Urban and Regional Studies

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Jan Gilbertson 114500

Jan Gilbertson

Senior Research Fellow

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Phil Northall

Dr Phil Northall

Research Associate

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Stephen Parkes

Dr Stephen Parkes

Research Fellow

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