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CRESR research projects

You can search by theme and read about the latest research projects from the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research. 

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National Civic Impact Accelerator

Client: Research England | Staff: Ed Ferrari, Julian Dobson, John Goddard

Evaluation of the Community Investment Enterprise Facility

Client: Big Society Capital | Staff: Chris Dayson, Chris Damm, Ellen Bennett and Andrew Johnston (SBS)

Community Improvement Districts: learning and policy recommendations

Client: Power to Change | Staff: Julian Dobson, Yael Arbell, Tony Gore, Tom Archer, Kate Swade and Kim Graham

Evaluation of Black Thrive

Client: Healthwatch Lambeth| Staff: Chris Dayson, Ellen Bennett and Nadia Bashir

Mapping Funding into the UK Women and Girls’ voluntary sector

Funding partner: ROSA | Staff: Chris Damm, Cathy Harris and Lorna Dowrick

The Value of Adoption

Client: Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies | Staff: Alice Hulbert, Jim Clifford, Emily Hutchison, Jake Kemp, Molly Turrell

Evaluation of Age Better in Sheffield

Client: South Yorkshire Housing Association | Staff: Nadia Bashir, Ellen Bennett, Chris Dayson, Jan Gilbertson, Cathy Harris, Ben Pattison and Abi Woodward

Organisations supporting community control and decision-making

Client: Local Trust | Staff: Julian Dobson, Tony Gore, Rob Macmillan

A Sport Satellite Account for Belgium & Social Return on Investment of sport in Flanders and Wallonia-Brussels

Client: Sport Vlaanderen and ADEPS | Staff: Larissa Davies, David Leather, Girish Ramchandani, Elizabeth Christy, Themis Kokolakakis, Peter Taylor, Gunther Grohall, Veerle de Bosscher, Thierry Zintz

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