Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions have been created to provide all members with an enjoyable, safe and welcoming experience whilst using Sheffield Hallam Active facilities. This agreement is made on the terms listed below and those set out on the internet between Hallam Active ('we' or 'us') and yourself ('you' or 'your').

1. Membership and prices

1.1 In signing the Membership form, you are agreeing (a) to pay the relevant and agreed Fees; and (b) comply with the terms of this Agreement and the conditions of membership promoted by Sheffield Hallam Active.

1.2 All members must be aged 16 or over and will be assigned a price level upon joining. This will be reviewed and updated as a members circumstances change over the period of their membership.

1.3 Student membership and prices apply only to current part time and full time undergraduate and postgraduate students of Sheffield Hallam University whose details are entered onto the SI database.

1.4 Staff membership and prices apply only to current part time, full time and Associate Lecturer staff of Sheffield Hallam University, who has a University staff payroll number.

1.5 Community membership and prices apply to any member of the general public aged 16 or over. Children under 16 may use certain Sheffield Hallam University facilities (except fitness suites) if accompanied and supervised by an adult. There are no price reductions for children.

1.6 Members on a monthly membership package will have direct debit payments deducted on or around 18th of each month.

1.7 If monthly membership prices or payment dates change, members will be notified 21 days in advance of revised payments being deducted or as otherwise agreed.

1.8 If an error is made by Sheffield Hallam University or your bank/building society in the payment procedure, members are guaranteed a full and immediate refund from your branch at the amount paid.

1.9 Direct debit memberships are valid as long as the member continues to pay the monthly membership payment. The payment will continue up until the point the cancellation process is followed as outlined in section 6. Memberships are not automatically cancelled if a student or staff member leaves the university.

1.10 All-inclusive members will receive use of facilities not included in the membership at a discounted rate. Gym only members will receive the use of facilities not included in the membership at the non-member rate.

1.11 Off-peak times are on a facility by facility basis and communicated on our website. Discounted rates for using facilities at off peak times apply.

1.12 Members must bring and use their membership card at all times. Entry and use of the Facilities as a member may be denied where a Member cannot produce their membership card. Centre staff may at their absolute discretion allow entry and use of the Facilities where alternative ID can be produced. Use of the Facilities as a member may be denied where a Member cannot produce their membership card.

1.13 Users are responsible for the safe keeping of their membership card and may be asked to purchase a new card if they are unable to produce a membership card. For non students/staff a replacement card will be issued at a charge of £5. 

1.14 Any found, lost or stolen memberships cards must be reported using the Centre's email address sport@shu.ac.uk

1.15 Team memberships are for an academic year and start on 1st September and will expire on 31st August. They are not annual (12 months).

1.16 Membership is personal to you and cannot be assigned or transferred to another person. The lending of your membership card to another person to enable them to gain access to Sheffield Hallam Active facilities could result in the termination of your membership. Fraudulent use incurs a £10 fee owed by the member unless
reported to sport@shu.ac.uk
a police report has been filed within 7 days

2. Cooling off period

2.1 Members may cancel their membership within 14 days from the start date of their acceptance to the terms of this Agreement. To cancel, Members must complete the online cancellation and refund forms within the 14 days. The amount refunded will be a pro-rata calculation minus the standard admin fee for the price level. As an example, a £180 annual membership with an equivalent £18 per month Direct Debit would be refunded after 14 days as 14 X 0.60 = £8.40 + £10 admin fee = £18.40. Therefore, refund amount = £161.60.

3. Freezing Memberships

3.1 Members paying monthly (direct debit) may freeze their membership for a continuous period of at least 1 calendar month but not more than 3 calendar months, starting on the first of the month and ending on the last day of the month.

3.2 If you wish to freeze your membership, you must fill in a 'request to freeze' form (available on-line) and give one month's notice. The form must be received before the 1st of the month you want to freeze. When you resume membership of Sheffield Hallam Active after the period of freezing you do not have to pay a further Administration fee and payments will recommence without notification.

3.3 Sheffield Hallam Active reserves the right to refuse a request to freeze membership unless all monies owed are fully paid prior to the request.

3.4 The freezing of memberships is not applicable to those types of memberships that are paid in advance with a fixed expiry date, such as annual memberships.

4. Upgrades

4.1 To upgrade a direct debit membership you will be charged the difference between the two memberships on the date you choose to upgrade. The next month's direct debit will be charged at the new rate.

4.2 To upgrade an annual membership, members will pay the difference between the two memberships after a year pro rata calculation.

5. Downgrades

5.1 To downgrade a membership you must notify us before the 1st of a month to change the amount in time for the next direct debit payment.

The downgrading of memberships is not applicable to those types of memberships that are paid in advance with a fixed expiry date, such as annual memberships.

6. Cancellation of membership

6.1 To cancel memberships, members must complete and submit the on-line cancellation form before the 1st of the month. Charges will be incurred if you cancel your direct debit prematurely or do not give the required notice to cancel your membership to Sheffield Hallam Active.

If you decide to re-join Sheffield Hallam Active, we reserve the right to charge you the initial Administration Fee.

7. Refunds

7.1 Part refunds of Active membership fees will only be given under certain extenuating circumstances if one or more of the following ‘lifestyle events’ happens.

  • You are made redundant (in which case we will need a letter from your employer confirming your redundancy).
  • You are made bankrupt or enter into an individual voluntary arrangement (in which case we will need a letter from the Insolvency Service confirming the bankruptcy or arrangement).
  • You move to a new address more than 1 hour away from the gym (in which case we will need two utility bills – gas, water or electricity – that were sent to you at your new address in the past three months).
  • Your personal circumstances change in a way that means you are no longer reasonably able to use the facilities you have signed up for (we will need some form of document, such as a doctor’s letter, depending on the change in circumstances).

Due to terminating the membership agreement early, members will not be eligible for the discounted rate applied to fixed term memberships. Refund amounts are calculated on a pro rata basis based on the equivalent direct debit price for the membership and a £10 admin fee will be charged. As an example a £180 annual membership with an equivalent £18 per month Direct Debit would be refunded after 6 months as: 6 X £18 = £108 + £10 admin fee = £118. Therefore, refund amount =£62.

7.2 Refunds will not be given for change in personal preference

7.3 Refunds for facility hire will only be given if you cancel more than 14 days in advance. If booking within 14 days of an activity, fees will be non-refundable.

7.4 Refunds due to a failure in service will only be given under exceptional circumstances. Ordinarily, Sheffield Hallam Active will seek to rebook any sessions due to unforeseen circumstances.

7.5 Team Hallam membership fees are non-refundable.

8. Termination of membership

8.1 Once you have paid the initial joining fees your membership will continue for as long as you continue to pay the monthly or annual membership fee or cancel your membership in accordance with Condition 6.

8.2 We may terminate your membership without notice in the following situations:
a) If you seriously or repeatedly break the terms and conditions of use
b) If any part of the Fees due and payable remain unpaid after the due date for payment.
c) Fraudulent claim on application or failure to inform us of any change

All decisions of Sheffield Hallam Active under this clause are final and binding.

8.3 Any member whose direct debit is rejected on 2 consecutive occasions and has not cleared the owed fees will have his/her membership immediately terminated. To re-instate your membership all arrears plus the administration fee must be paid.

8.4 Sheffield Hallam Active reserves the right to refuse a request to rejoin.

8.5 A member whose membership is terminated shall forfeit all the privileges of membership with immediate effect without any right to claim for any refund of his/her fees.

8.6 All fees outstanding shall be immediately due and payable.

9. Exclusion of liability

9.1 Unless caused by the negligence of the University, the University excludes all liability leading to death or personal injury.

9.2 The University does not accept responsibility for any damage to or loss of any money, valuables, clothing or property of any kind. All items are left at the User's risk.

10. Facility Bookings

10.1 All bookings and hire charges must be paid in full at the point of booking.

10.2 Bookings can be made 7 days in advance for standard members.

For advanced event bookings or block bookings refer to section 12.

11. Class Bookings

11.1 Bookings can be made 7 days in advance for standard members.

A £2.00 dishonoured booking charge will be payable should you fail to notify us of your intention not to attend a pre-booked class. The charge will be payable on each occasion that less than 2 hours notice is provided, by you to us, that you are unable to attend.

11.3 Customers must be ready 5 minutes prior to the class start time. Late arrival will result in refused participation.

11.4 The class timetable is seasonal and we reserve the right to change or cancel sessions as deemed necessary. City and Collegiate Campus facilities are used to host exams and facilities will be unavailable during this time.

12. Block bookings

12.1 The charge for use of any venue part of that venue shall be indicated on the current price list or as subsequently agreed between Sheffield Hallam Active and the hirer.

12.2 Payment of all bookings must be paid by the hirer in full immediately upon receipt of an official invoice issued by SHU (less any deposit already paid).

12.3 Cancellation of a block booked session will be 7 days' notice or as outlined within the client hire agreement.

12.4 At any time, Sheffield Hallam Active reserve the right to

  • refuse any application as it may deem fit without giving reason
  • cancel any booking on giving seven days' notice to the hirer. Upon any official cancellation SHA will refund the hirer any monies paid in respect of the booking
  • SHA will not be responsible for any expenditure whatsoever in relation to the booking which the hirer may have incurred or be liable to pay
  • in the event of cancellation, or variation of any hiring which is less than seven working days before the date of the hire, the hirer will be held responsible for the full charge
  • the hirer shall not transfer the benefit or the burden of the hire contract or any part thereof

13. Sports Clubs

13.1 Only those with Sheffield Hallam University student status are eligible to participate in club activity.

13.2 Membership of Sheffield Hallam Active is open only to those who act in accordance with the following statement and with the appropriate club codes of practice which are relevant to the activities in which they will be participating "It is the responsibility of the individual to inform the Clubs Committee/Captain/Coach/Trip Organiser, of any relevant medical conditions or previous injuries Team Hallam should be aware of which may affect your safe participation in sport. By being a member of a club, you may be participating in activities which involve an above average element of risk, in an environment where professional medical and rescue services may not always be available. It is your responsibility to ensure that you fully understand the exact nature of each activity you undertake, the risks involved, skill levels required and the equipment needed for your safe participation. You should never participate in an activity where you are unsure of any of the above aspects. It is your responsibility to notify your next of kin of your desire to participate in the sport before engaging in the activity".

All memberships relating to sports clubs will only be valid for the academic year in which it is purchased 1st September - 31st August.

Any student participating in club activity must have a valid Team Hallam membership.

14. Facility use

14.1 Clothing and clean footwear appropriate to the activity must be worn at all times.

14.2 Where users provide their own equipment, this must be appropriate, safe and in good working order for the activity. Sheffield Hallam Active reserves the right to refuse access or remove any individual or item of equipment from facilities owned or hired by the University.

14.3 No food is allowed in any sports activity area.

14.4 Drinks may only be consumed in activity areas from appropriate re-sealable bottles or containers, or from the plastic cups provided. No glass bottles are allowed in any facility.

14.5 All users of Sheffield Hallam Active fitness facilities must follow appropriate induction process before using the equipment. This will include the completion of a PAR-Q form. If any problems arise as a result of the induction procedure, the membership will be frozen until the problem is resolved or the direct debit payments will be adjusted until the following month (a doctor's note may be required).

14.6 Lockers are provided in changing rooms for individual use. However the University cannot accept liability for any losses incurred by individuals using these lockers. Lockers are emptied after closing hours. Any goods found will be removed at owner's risk. Items are disposed of after 1 month

14.7 Fitness and Performance facility users should ensure that they follow the code of conduct at all times. This includes information relating to the respecting of others in the facility and equipment, how to train whilst considering others and general hygiene within the fitness environment. Failure to follow the code of conduct may lead to suspension or termination of membership.

15. Emergencies and first aid

15.1 All users must be aware of emergency escape routes. In the event of an emergency, equipment must be safely stored and users must evacuate to the assembly point indicated on the notices at each exit.

15.2 If you require first aid assistance please contact the nearest member of Sheffield Hallam Active staff.

15.3 In the event of a serious accident or injury, the nearest member of Sheffield Hallam Active staff should be notified without delay. Should an ambulance be required staff will contact the University emergency hotline. Sheffield Hallam Active reserve the right to close the facilities to deal with an emergency situation.

15.4 All accidents and incidents must be recorded appropriately on the correct form, available from Sheffield Hallam Active staff. 15.5 For accidents and incidents occurring during a Sheffield Hallam Active activity, students must follow the accident, incident and emergency procedures as outlined in their club code of practice.

16. Conduct

16.1 Sheffield Hallam Active Codes of Practice are available from the Team Hallam website. Users will receive club Codes of Practice on registering for a Team Hallam club.

16.2 The University reserves the right to require any user to leave the facilities and any other part of its premises, to refuse access, impose further conditions on access, and suspend or terminate membership, if the User behaves in an aggressive or harassing manner towards its staff or other users, or behaves in any other way deemed unacceptable. Examples of unacceptable behaviour include not attending bookings e.g. booking a place for a class and then not attending.

16.3 Users will refrain from any conduct which is offensive, unseemly or unsporting, or which might cause annoyance, or danger to others.

16.4 Users will comply with all University policies and guidelines.

16.5 Users will comply with all instructions and requests made by Sheffield Hallam Active staff.

16.6 All users of Sheffield Hallam Active facilities must not deliberately cause injuries to persons, or wilfully cause damage to any property or equipment.

16.7 Sheffield Hallam Active members who are deemed by the club or Team Hallam to be acting in an inappropriate or irresponsible manner, or ignoring the guidelines as laid down in the club Code of Practice and Sheffield Hallam Active terms and conditions, may be subject to disciplinary measures by the club, Team Hallam or relevant National Governing Body.

16.8 Sheffield Hallam Active reserve the right to withdraw membership or prevent access to any individual or group whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate or if terms and conditions of use are breached.

16.9 Sheffield Hallam Active reserve the right to amend, alter or withdraw any activity, facility or programme without notice should it be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or poor attendance.

16.10 Any person found abusing their membership in any way will be subject to a £10 fine or the cost of the facility hire charge if greater.

17. Equipment

17.1 At the end of the period of hire any equipment used during the period of hire shall be returned to the place it was found. Members should immediately stop using and report any damaged equipment.

17.2 At the end of the period of hire any part of the facility or venue used during the period of hire shall be left by the hirer in a tidy and orderly condition. (Note: the hirer is responsible for ensuring that all equipment and facilities provided are used correctly and that no other equipment fixed or portable is interfered with).

17.3 Any damage to property or equipment caused by a hirer due to negligence will be liable for any repair costs provable by Sheffield Hallam Active. The user or member will be liable where an overall hirer is not deemed responsible. Any deposit paid will be retained

18 Comments and Complaints procedure

18.1 Your opinions are very important to us, and they help us to improve our services. All comments and complaints should be submitted either verbally or in writing to Sheffield Hallam Active. All written correspondence should be sent to either sport@shu.ac.uk or to Head of Sport, Sheffield Hallam Active, Pearson Building, Collegiate Campus, Sheffield, S10 2BP.

19. Parking

19.1 Sheffield Hallam Active shall not in any circumstances be held responsible for any damage, loss, theft or removal of any motor vehicle, motor cycle or bicycle parked on University premises.

20. Other

20.1 We reserve the right to

  • make any reasonable changes to these rules at any time provided we give you notice of change by displaying the rules on the internet and/or via email
  • alter the opening times or the off peak opening hours of the facilities. We will always attempt to give at least 21 days' notice to all Members of any change in these hours
  • adjust the availability of certain facilities on a temporary basis for the general purpose of cleaning, decorating, essential repairs, maintenance of equipment, special functions and holidays
  • where a members image is captured a permission form must be completed by the member before the image is used for press or promotional purposes.

20.2 For security reasons, members are asked to store personal belongings and valuables in the lockers provided. Items left overnight will be removed. Uncollected items will be retained for a reasonable period of time and then taken to 'lost property'. A £5 charge is applicable for lost locker keys

20.3 Member data will only be used as part of legitimate interest under the General Data Protection Regulations and will not be provided to third parties for marketing purposes. This will include correspondence based on member actions including but not limited to booking confirmations, activity notifications and other associated communications.

Membership data will be shared with organisations affiliated to the University. This will include partners conducting work on behalf of Sheffield Hallam Active to benefit member communication and will include but not be limited to Sheffield Hallam Students Union, Gladstone, MSL, Sheffield City Trust and other software companies contracted by the university to support the delivery of the service. This information will not be used for marketing materials and only as part of an individual's membership.

All member communications relating to pricing, membership and terms changes will be sent via e-mail. If a member has requested not to receive communication, only these and any other legal correspondence will be issued without the express permission of the member. It is a members responsibility to ensure that all data held by Sheffield Hallam Active is up to date.