Student Placement Allocation Process

Students will be allocated to an audited placement within the placement circuit referred to at recruitment and in induction. Placement supervisors/mentors will have completed an annual briefing and will have completed all mandatory training in order to ensure that their support of the student is valid.

Details of the process for allocating you a placement can be found below. The placement areas are subject to change across the lifetime of the course, as providers may change their placement offer for reasons beyond the university's control. New areas may be added and existing areas may be removed.

Nursing Placement Allocation Process

College Placement Allocation Process - this is the allocation process that is followed within the College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences (PDF, 233.2KB) for nursing, midwifery and allied health professional course students.

Social Work Placement Allocation Process

Below you will find examples of the documents you will be asked to complete when your social work placement learning experiences are being planned:

Notification to students

The Professional Placements Team will keep students updated via PEMS regarding placement allocations.

Placement information - how students can find out more about their allocated placement

General information about the area can be found on the Placement Providers section of this website.  Profiles of information and guidance to help students to prepare for their allocated Practice Based Learning placement can be found on PEMS.

Students - You can link to PEMS here using your SHU single sign on login to find out more about your placement. Please refer to the Student Quick Guide to PEMS (PDF, 134KB) for information about how to use PEMS.

Providers - If you are using PEMS to share information about placement learning, please ensure that you have read and adhere to GDPR as set out in the PEMS Privacy Notice (PDF, 210.3KB). You can link to PEMS here. Please use your PEMS login.

Exceptional circumstances and your placement allocation - Placement Allocation Change Policy

Please follow the links in the Placement Allocation Process description for information about the Placement Allocation Change Policy if you need to request a change to your placement allocation in exceptional circumstances. 

Statutory and non-statutory Social Work 

Statutory and non-statutory work experiences can be different in various sectors where Social Work is practised. The document below provides a brief description of the differences the student may experience while on placement .

Supervision and Assessment on Placement - Social Work

Students will be supervised and assessed during their placement learning experiences by Practice Educators and Work Based Supervisors. Practice Educators are experienced Registered Social Workers who have completed an appropriate course of preparation for the supervision and assessment of students of social work followed by a development period under the guidance of a mentor, as required by the social work profession.

The university provides annual updates for Practice Educators to support their continuing professional development in the role.