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12 February 2021

Why now is the time to build for the future with degree apprenticeships

If we are to thrive in the new world, we must focus on addressing the skills gaps that still exist within our economy. The Department of Education white paper ‘Skills for Jobs: Lifelong Learning for Opportunity and Growth’ presents a blueprint for how we can change this – and degree apprenticeships have a key role to play within that.

09 February 2021 | 4 minutes

Understanding the principles of planetary health

Ella Kissi-Debrah died in London in February 2013, aged only nine years old, having been unwell with respiratory disease requiring multiple hospital admissions for several years.

29 October 2020

The pandemic has shown what universities can, and must, do for their communities

As we build-up to the publication of Sheffield Hallam University’s Civic University Agreement in 2021, we will be talking more about the university’s civic commitments and projects. We kick-off with the thoughts of Ricard Calvert, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Shefield Hallam University and senior lead for Hallam’s civic programme.

22 October 2020 | 4 minutes

Why the North should copy New Zealand and set a wellbeing budget

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK Government – like most other governments across the globe – were obsessed by economic growth as the key measure of success. Growth brings prosperity, we were told; prosperity brings jobs and this is good. But what’s the point of all this prosperity if we’re just going to spend it all on healthcare? Wealth does not always equal health.

20 October 2020 | 4 minutes

Radiotherapy tattoos can be a painful reminder of cancer – but 3D imaging could be the solution

Every day in the UK over 150 women will be given the devastating news that they have breast cancer. This is the start of a long journey of treatments most likely followed by radiotherapy to the breast or chest wall. What many people might not realise though is that radiographers often use small permanent black ink tattoos in order to position a patient underneath the radiotherapy machine. But new technology, called surface guided radiotherapy (SGRT), uses three dimensional imaging to help radiographers position patients, avoiding the need for tattoos.

01 October 2020 | 4 minutes

Why political decision-making is failing our urban green spaces

Green spaces in city neighbourhoods are critical for wellbeing. Policymakers know this, which is why they put local authorities under pressure to keep parks and green spaces open during lockdown. However, there is a large gap between what this research shows should be done to maximise the benefits of urban green space, and what is actually put in place in cities.