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20 June 2024 | 10 minutes (base on 200w = 1 minute)

Business schools have key role to play in growing our economy

As Britain stands on the cusp of potential political change, our nation faces significant economic challenges. With stagnant growth and constrained public finances, the next government – regardless of its political stripe – must prioritise revitalising our economy.

27 February 2024 | 5 minutes (base on 200w = 1 minute)

The power of degree apprenticeships

One of the defining features of the current job market is the difficulty many sectors are having in recruiting and retaining fresh talent. In the growing logistics industry, we require a steady supply of new recruits to keep up with demand for our services.

13 February 2024 | 3 minutes (base on 200w = 1 minute)

Investing in leadership skills is vital for business resilience

As we head into 2024, small businesses across our region, and the country, are facing myriad challenges. Rising costs, recruitment and retention issues, the climate emergency, pressure to achieve net zero and geopolitical uncertainty to name a few.

05 December 2023

All ages, all stages – defending apprenticeships which work for Yorkshire

Degree-level apprenticeships work across many different disciplines because they are employer-led; aimed towards people at all ages and at all stages of life, based on skills gaps and demand. The principle that this kind of education should be widely available needs to be robustly defended, and the benefits that these programmes bring to Yorkshire’s economy and public services should be plainly set out.

15 February 2022 | 4 minutes (base on 200w = 1 minute)

How degree apprenticeships are already helping us to level up our region

Transforming the UK by ‘spreading opportunity and prosperity to all parts of it’ was the central commitment of the government’s long awaited white paper on levelling up, which was finally published last week.

12 January 2022 | 4 minutes

The UK’s leading entrepreneurial university is in Sheffield – what does this mean for the city and region?

The UK’s leading entrepreneurial university is in Sheffield – what does this mean for the city and region?

04 November 2021

Being an entrepreneurial university is part of Sheffield Hallam's DNA

With origins in the design, manufacturing and fabrication industries of Victorian Sheffield, through to the pioneering innovations of Sheffield City Polytechnic, Hallam is firmly rooted in the making and creating heritage of South Yorkshire.

01 July 2020 | 5 minutes

Seven ways social distancing will change restaurants

COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the restaurant industry. While a few restaurants have found ways to provide takeaway and dine-at-home offerings, the majority of businesses have shut up shop during lockdown. From July 4, restaurants in the UK are permitted to open – but dining out will be very different. Here are seven ways in which social distancing and the wider impact of COVID-19 will change the restaurant industry.