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23 April 2024

Coalfield communities held back by lack of quality jobs – new research

Former coalfield communities still face a shortage of quality jobs, according to a new report by Sheffield Hallam University experts.

11 March 2024

New £2.4m project to support improvements for renters in South Yorkshire

Sheffield Hallam University is a key partner in a new £2.4m project to support tenants in the private rented sector to make renovations and improvements to their properties.

13 February 2024

Yorkshire project to empower communities awarded £5m funding

A project to give more power to low-income, marginalised and isolated communities across Yorkshire to confront the challenges posed by climate change and widening inequalities has been awarded £5m in funding.

22 January 2024

New research finds community-led homes highly affordable

More than 90 per cent of community-led homes were found to be genuinely affordable and could help to address housing shortages in the UK, according to new research.

15 January 2024

How rising cost of living is impacting sport and physical activity participation

A new report examining how the rising cost of living is impacting the sport and physical activity sector has found people from lower income backgrounds are more likely to have seen their levels of activity negatively affected.

21 November 2023

South Yorkshire’s ‘overlooked’ food and drink manufacturing sector worth £434m – new report

A new report reveals that South Yorkshire’s food and drink manufacturing sector plays a significant role in the local economy, generating £434 million in economic output and providing 9,000 jobs across 170 businesses.

14 November 2023

Neighbourhood regeneration programmes must empower deprived communities to succeed

Neighbourhood regeneration programmes can improve the lives of people in deprived communities but they must empower residents and restore a sense of belonging, according to a new study.

09 November 2023

Sheffield Hallam welcomes first Doncaster cohort to Help to Grow: Management programme

Sheffield Hallam University has welcomed the first cohort of business leaders from Doncaster to the government-funded Help to Grow: Management programme.

23 October 2023

ChatGPT can predict future interest rate decisions - new research

A new study by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University demonstrates the ability of large language models like ChatGPT to predict future interest rate decisions by central banks.

04 October 2023

Researchers call for urgent action to accelerate small business decarbonisation

A group of leading researchers are calling for urgent government action to rapidly scale decarbonisation efforts among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help achieve national net zero targets.

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