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25 September 2023

From school food memories to AI in social care: Explore the Festival of Social Science 2023 in Sheffield

The UK’s Festival of Social Science returns to Sheffield this autumn to delve into the ideas that shape our everyday lives through the pioneering work of the city’s world-leading social scientists.

20 June 2023

Sheffield Hallam researchers awarded funding to create wearable dementia technology

Researchers from Sheffield Hallam University have been awarded £80,000 funding by the Longitude Prize on Dementia to create a wearable dementia assistant

09 June 2023

Warfare threatening environmental health crisis in Syria

New research suggests that 12 years of warfare in Northwest Syria is contaminating soils, posing risks to agriculture and food security in a region already under critical stress.

25 April 2023

Future Now Festival of Creativity returns to venues across Sheffield for 2023

Future Now Festival of Creativity has returned to Sheffield, showcasing creative work from Sheffield Hallam University’s graduating students.

17 February 2023

New exhibition reflects on Sheffield’s floods

Academics and students from Sheffield Hallam University have added to the new Ruskin Collection displays at the Millennium Gallery reflecting on the impacts of flooding in Sheffield

19 December 2022

Sheffield Hallam helps local authorities to broaden reach of Family Hubs

New research from Sheffield Hallam University, commissioned by the Department for Education (DfE), has helped to identify barriers some families are experiencing in accessing Family Hub services.

10 November 2022

National Meme Day: New study finds memes help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression

National Meme Day: New study finds memes help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression

03 November 2022

New £4 million Digital Good Network launched to ensure technologies are beneficial to society

Sheffield Hallam University is part of a new Digital Good Network (DGN) which will explore how digital technologies can be used in ways that benefit people, society and the economy.

28 September 2022

Rough sleepers disproportionately criminalised by PSPOs

People experiencing street homelessness are disproportionately criminalised in areas with Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs), according to a new report from Sheffield Hallam University.

21 July 2022

Child victims of trafficking share their views and experiences in new research

Young victims of modern slavery have shared their experiences following identification of human trafficking through the UK immigration and social care systems in a new interim report published today.

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